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How We Find Expectant Parents

Wondering how we find expectant parents? We explain how

Hopeful adoptive couples often ask us how we find expectant parents. Their desire to meet their child’s birth mother is strong from the beginning. They wonder where she is from, how she found Legacy and what the decision process has been like for her. Adoptive moms and dads also tend to wonder how we can meet enough expectant parents for the waiting families we take on.

Our Texas adoption agency uses four techniques to connect with expectant parents. Our mission is to authentically serve as many women as we can, while providing a fair and timely adoption process for our waiting families.

How we find expectant parents

At Legacy Adoption Services, we believe it is important to be easily visible to pregnant women considering adoption. This may be in person, through friends or online. Using a variety of mediums is an important part of how we find expectant parents.

All these efforts allow us to serve women across Texas, providing them with loving and knowledgeable care during a daunting time. We are also able to provide a more expedient process to couples who are longing to become parents.

Education and outreach

Each year, we will go to about 500 different brick and mortar locations across Texas and share adoption education, options and concepts. We frequently visit maternity homes, high schools, alternative schools, colleges, homeless shelters, churches, hospitals and OBGYNs.

Over the years, our staff at our Texas adoption agency has created a variety of courses, all of which are customized based on where we’re speaking. We are even able to provide Continuing Education Units, which is a powerful incentive and drives our attendance numbers up.

The common theme of all our speaking engagements is the number of times that expectant women tell us, “I never knew adoption was like this, and that it was an option for me.”

Strategic use of online marketing

In the digital age, online marketing plays a large role in how we find expectant parents. We are constantly updating and adding content to our website and social media platforms, enhancing our ability to be found by women facing unplanned pregnancies.

Relationships with churches across Texas

Our Texas adoption agency also has relationships with churches across the state. For example, we serve as the domestic infant adoption advocates for Chosen Ones, a large church-based adoption outreach program. Through our partnership with them, we have been able to speak on expert panels during adoption events around the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


It is not uncommon for a pregnant woman to come to us based on a referral from a friend or a family member. Leaving a lasting impression upon the incredible women we work with is part of how we find expectant parents in the future.

It is our hope that if her mom, friend or sister told her about Legacy Adoption Services, she’s also been told that we are compassionate, knowledgeable and involved throughout the entire adoption process.

Contact Legacy Adoption Services at (817) 704-0239 if you have any questions about how we find expectant parents.