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About Us

It all Started in High School Show Choir...

CJ and I met in 2011 at the beginning of our senior year of high school. We wouldn’t categorize ourselves as “high school sweethearts” only because we didn’t date until the summer after we graduated! CJ went to college at Texas Tech University while I stayed behind to work on my music career and start community college.

Dating long-distance was hard, but we endured it and in the summer of 2015 CJ proposed at the same place we had our first unofficial date. For two years we embarked on the wedding planning adventure. It was utter chaos and too stressful for my taste! We took a break and during that time we realized what was really important; celebrating just the two of us, our love, and commitment.

Jokingly, I said we should elope… So, that’s almost exactly what we did! We discovered the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado and said that’s where we should get married. We planned our whole wedding in 2 months and had some of our family members come to witness our intimate ceremony. It was picturesque as we made our commitments to each other on top of a mountain in an unexpected blizzard!

A little about CJ (from Chelsea’s point of view):
The best way I can describe CJ is that he is just a big kid! He loves Pokémon, Marvel, board games, and video games. He never takes life too seriously and his joy illuminates the room! He is truly silly and easily makes any difficult situation seem easier because of his ability to see the positives in all circumstances.

A little about Chelsea (from CJ’s point of view):
A heart of gold and a smile that lights up the room, Chelsea is the type of friend everybody needs. Genuine connection and friendship are so natural to her; she so easily makes anyone feel welcome and loved. It’s all of these traits and how they’re so beautifully and authentically packaged that made me fall in love with her in the first place!

Our Family

Living so close to our families makes spending time with each other so convenient! During the summer we are often swimming, cooking out, or having sleepovers with our nieces and nephews. We also go on vacations with CJ's family or take a trip to see our cousins in California! During the holidays we spend time serving at church and attending with our families and then usually enjoying a meal together! We love watching all of the kiddos get together and enjoy their excitement over the holidays!

Our Home

Home Sweet Home

We have lived in our home since January of 2020. We love our quiet neighborhood and it was so easy to envision our future here! We live with in walking distance of an elementary school, a large park, and a grocery store! There are many trails nearby and a gorgeous nature preserve where we love to take our dog on long walks. We also have a large front and backyard with all of the space for playing and picking fresh figs from our fig trees in the early fall! Our home was built in the 1980s and has been completely remodeled just the way we had hoped with a spacious kitchen that flows into our living room. In the evenings we can put on our favorite show or movie and still feel like we are hanging out together while one of us is cooking or we can easily stay connected with guests when we are hosting dinners. There are 4 rooms in our home and a large multi purpose room which we use as a gym, and one of the rooms we use as an office space/music room with all of our instruments. Over the last several months we have spent some time putting together a quaint nursery in one of the rooms for a little one with plenty of room to grow and play in!

Final Thoughts

Our Promise

We promise... to empower your child with knowledge and discernment; to encourage an unending curiosity and sense of adventure; to instill strength and compassion, kindness and courage, patience and determination, and a hope for the future. We promise... to be an example of grace, love, and understanding, to ensure every day has moments of joy, laughter, and fun, to always model gratitude for even the smallest of blessings, to assure them we will always be there no matter what challenge or mistake they face. Above all else, we promise... your child will know unconditional love, from us, our families and especially you. We will celebrate where they come from, what makes them special, and the many facets of their uniqueness. And we will always celebrate you and this story of love!