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Chris & Amanda

Hi there! We are Chris, Amanda and Easton!

We would like to thank you for considering us to raise your child. We truly believe that what you are doing by allowing your child to be adopted is amazing and courageous. Our family believes adoption is a gift not only from birth parents but also God Himself and we will accept that gift humbly and seriously.

We hope that by looking through our family pictures and story you will get a glimpse of what your child’s life would look like and how much they would be loved. We will be praying for you and know that God has a special plan for your life and your child’s life.

God bless,

Chris, Amanda and Easton

A Peek Into Our Lives

About Us


Chris is the glue that holds out family together. He is a consistent, calm, loving husband who listens well and is ready to support all my dreams. He is passionate about people and values relationships new and old. Easton would tell you his dad is a master at bath time, can throw a soccer ball to the sky, is always ready for a bike ride and makes the best popcorn for movie night. Chris loves sports (especially the Texas A&M Aggies), good food, and traveling with family and friends. He works hard everyday to provide for our family and we are so thankful for him.

Chris loves: Whataburger, all things Texas A&M, going to the movies, creamed spinach, peanut M&Ms and sports

Chris could live without: green beans, shopping, peaches (he’s allergic), wearing a tie, slow drivers


One little section is no where near enough space to fully appreciate Amanda. She is someone everyone loves and wants to be around. She is smart, beautiful and someone you want in your corner. Her family is her number one priority so that is why she works so hard not only at her job during the day but still makes our home special. She is crafty and handy so she makes our house come alive with warmth and fun. Amanda loves adventure, but also just curling up with Easton and our two black labs. As a mom and wife, she is amazing! She is an encouragement to Easton and I, always finding ways to make us feel special. She makes juggling a million things look easy because she knows what is important to her. Our family is very lucky to have her because she loves us and shows it every day.

Amanda Loves: traveling, dogs, family time, everything Christmas, shopping, taking pictures of our family, date nights

Amanda Can Live Without: meatloaf, alarm clocks, scary movies, spiders & snakes


Oh wow, Easton is pure joy! He is our little outgoing ball of energy who loves life and makes each day more fun. Easton is all boy in that he loves being outside, playing with every ball he can get his hands on and racing his cars. Easton loves being around our extended family, friends and even strangers he meets while out and about. Easton is a great traveler and his favorite places to travel to is the zoo or the park. Mickey Mouse is a big hit in our house but so is anything having to do with dinosaurs. He just turned 3 in August so he is always learning new things and talking up a storm. He will be a great brother because we can already see he has a big heart and loves babies.

Easton Loves: swimming, dinosaurs, animals of all kinds, Mickey Mouse, books, playtime

Easton Could Live Without: Halloween costumes, haircuts, broccoli, naptime, leaving the playground

Other Aspects of Our Life


God has blessed us with a large extended family that enjoys time together and is ready to support every part of our journey. Our parents have become the best grandparents. We are thankful our families continue to shape our lives. We travel together, share meals together, celebrate birthdays together and most importantly we enjoy the milestones together!



We have built lifelong relationships with our church small group and they are an extension of our family. These relationships extend to our neighborhood as well. We continue to see God’s hand in the community we call home. Our neighbors are also our closest friends. Easton is fortunate to have serval other kids from different backgrounds to spend time with. We love doing everyday life with these people.

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