Legacy Adoption Services

About Us

We’re high school sweethearts and have now been married for 8 years.

We met in 2005 at a high school football game in Ohio, where we both grew up. Our first date was at a Cincinnati Reds baseball game. Then, Jake asked Ashley to the homecoming dance a few weeks later… and the rest is history! We attended college together and both majored in communications. After graduating, we planned a cross-country move to Texas to escape the Midwest winter cold and follow Ashley’s parents. We’ve been living in Texas for almost 11 years and absolutely love it here.

Fast forward to 2014, we were married and had our wedding reception at the same stadium where we had our first date! We bought our first home in 2015 and have enjoyed making it our own room by room.

Now we both work from home and love being able to refill our coffee mugs from the kitchen all day long! Jake is a sales director in the food and beverage industry. Ashley is a stylist for a clothing retailer, but she’s looking forward to becoming a stay-at-home mom.

About Jake, Written by Ashley:
Jake is going to be such a fun dad! I know he’s going to be all-in making up silly songs and dances, playing with all the toys, and sharing his love of all things outdoors. As my husband and my best friend, he can always make me laugh and help me find the silver lining in every situation. He’s the best listener I know and truly embodies the love language of acts of service. I’m so thankful to be doing life together with him and often have a hard time believing we’ve been together for almost half of our lives… time flies!

About Ashley, Written by Jake:
Ashley will be such an awesome mom! She has a kind, selfless heart and a passion to put others first. As a supportive wife and my best friend for nearly half my life, she is one of the smartest people I know with a sage voice of wisdom and a cheerleader through words of affirmation. Coupled with her fun, joyful spirit, she is always up for the next adventure or complicated puzzle to solve! I’m grateful that God has given me such a great hand to hold throughout life’s many journeys.

Our Family

We are so excited to become parents through adoption and expand how we define “family!” As Christians, we believe that God adopted us into His family. This gives us a beautiful illustration of how unconditional love goes beyond a person's biological family unit. We’ve also witnessed the joy of adoption in the lives of many friends and in our church. We plan on intentionally building a community of other adoptees to lean on as our children grow up together. We vow to take seriously the privilege of making sure this child knows how very loved they are by God, by you, and by us.

Top 5 Things We Can’t Wait to Do as a Family:
• Read bedtime stories together every night
• Feed the ducks with Lulu at our favorite pond on Saturday mornings
• Explore local parks, playgrounds, zoos and aquariums
• Build blanket forts and have movie marathons
• Travel to new places and visit places we loved as kids, like Hilton Head Island, Disney World and Mount Rushmore

Our Home

Home Sweet Home

We bought our first home in 2015: a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom red brick in a friendly suburban neighborhood just 25 minutes from downtown. We’ve enjoyed tackling a few home projects together over the years and recently finished preparing our nursery. We love walking in our neighborhood with our dog Lulu every day and are grateful for the shady sidewalks in the summer months. We have a fun mix of young families and empty nesters as neighbors.

We have a shaded backyard where we love spending time, whether we’re tossing a tennis ball with Lulu, making s’mores on a nice fall night, or hosting a crawfish boil for family and friends. We’re thankful to live just five minutes away from one of the highest-rated elementary schools in our school district. Our neighborhood also has access to an 11-mile trail with several parks and playgrounds along the route.

As we prepared our hearts for adoption, God prompted us to prepare a place in our home. While we painted our nursery, we prayed over the child who will one day call it "home." We have filled this room with storybooks about adoption and we wanted to share a quote from one of our favorite books: "But I trusted that God knew you, and knew me, and knew when we'd fit perfectly together." – God Found Us You, Lisa Tawn Bergren

Final Thoughts

Before you go, we want to tell you...

We don’t know where you are on your journey right now, but we are praying for you, for your baby, and for your future. In our early days of praying about adoption, God gave us a vision that we are walking down one end of the path toward you, and you are walking down the other end toward us. At just the right time, our paths will unite to unfold a beautiful next chapter. Until then, may God guide your every step. With love, Jake and Ashley