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About Us

The Story of Us…

Jayme and I have been married for 14 years and together for 18 years. We met through mutual friends while both attending college. After that first meeting, my friend asked me what I thought. I responded with “Well he’s cute but, he needs a haircut” (he was also working on an oil rig while going to college and just hadn’t had the time). It wasn’t long until I got a phone call saying he had gotten a trim and wanted to go out.

We have been pretty much inseparable ever since. After dating for four years we were married. Our wedding was the most beautiful day and it was surrounded by friends and family to celebrate with us. We went on a honeymoon to Jamaica that was awesome! We climbed a waterfall, snorkeled, ate delicious seafood, and just relaxed. Looking back now we especially treasure these carefree moments so much and are so glad we took the time for each other.

What We Love About Each Other

What Jayme Loves About Sara:  What I love most about Sara is that she is the most selfless person I know. She is constantly serving others and always puts herself last. She always has a great attitude and loves our family more than anything in this world and lives her life with a spark that most people only wish they had. She is what every man looks for in a wife, she is supportive and encouraging to me as the leader of our home, and the best mother you could ask for our children. She is my whole world and life wouldn’t be worth living without her.

What Sara loves about Jayme: Jayme has one of the kindest souls I’ve ever met. He has a heart for people who are hurting, and nothing brings him greater joy than trying to do what he can for them. He is also extremely humble- you will never see him boasting about what he has done to others. He is an extremely hard worker- he is teaching our children daily what a wonderful example of dedication and determination looks like. He is THE best daddy and I love to watch him with our children. No matter how busy he is our kids are always his first priority and they know that. I wish you could hear the squeals every night when he gets home, and they are running to him at the door. Jayme is a loyal and loving husband and not only are we the best of friends but, we are equal teammates in parenting too. I am so incredibly thankful that he is always there to support me (and I vice versa) as we navigate this time together. After all these years together, I still get so excited that he is mine and I love him so very much!

Our Family

Things We Enjoy…
We love being able to make memories together. At some point each week we always spend some time out at our farm that is about thirty minutes from our house. We have cows, horses, several fishing ponds, a farm dog named Lucy, and plenty of space to enjoy time outdoors.

We get together weekly with each side of our families to catch up, usually eat, and let the kids play with their cousins. We also take an annual trip camping in the summer with our extended families.

Each summer we also spend time at the beach with several close friends and their families. This is always a tradition that everyone looks forward to every year. Each Fall we love to go to go to a pumpkin patch (our local one has so many fun games and activities) and at Christmas time we are always looking for the best drive thru light displays. I also love to throw a “love party” for my family on Valentine’s Day. We play games and have a fancy dinner. Pretty much we really enjoy celebrating the seasonal holidays and think it adds a lot of fun throughout the year.

A new tradition we have just started is taking each child on a special trip with just them and mom and dad to a location they choose when they turn 10. Our oldest has selected New York City and his love for museums will really come in handy there! We can’t wait to spend time with just him and get to explore all that NYC has to offer. We know the memories made on these trips will last a lifetime.

Our Home

Our Home…

We built our house last year after living in our previous home for eleven years. After having our three boys, we had longed for a place where they could explore and have fun outside the confines of a neighborhood. We live on five acres that is surrounded by woods. We do have two families that are our closest neighbors, and each have three children also. Our home is located in a suburb of a mid-sized city. We are within ten miles from downtown but still have a more small town feel to our area.

We designed our house with more children in mind. Our home has five bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. The kids have their own living and play area upstairs and each have their own room. We have a guest bedroom downstairs with an attached bathroom that we are planning on making into a nursery.

We spend lots of time outside. We have plenty of space for fun activities including a pool, fishing pond, trampoline, swing, garden, chicken coop, and an extended driveway to ride bikes, scooters, and all the other outside toys. With plenty of room to grow we see ourselves settled in this home until all our children have graduated college.

Final Thoughts


Our hope is that this glimpse of our family has given you a better understanding of us and how we are committed to providing a stable, loving environment for your child. We are by no means perfect but, we have so much room in our hearts for another child. If you choose to make an adoption plan with us, please know that we will always teach them about the tremendous sacrifice you made out of love and will always honor you. We will always fiercely love, protect, and cherish the gift that she is to us. We hope to instill in our children a love for God, to be a helper and always try to see the good in people, and to go and explore this great big world. We want nothing more than to love your child and to give them every opportunity to follow wherever their dreams may take them. Love, Jayme, Sara, Hudson, Harrison, & Hayes