Legacy Adoption Services

About Us


Claire grew up in the DFW area with her small family and loved orchestra, her friends, and doing anything her older brother would let her join in on. Jeffrey also grew up in DFW but a little further north in a smaller town. He loved playing outdoors and adventuring with his sister and friends. We were both blessed with families that loved each other and the LORD and we were both supported to follow what we loved while growing up.

Both of us went to college at Texas A&M University and we met at the end of our first year. Claire was a mathematics major and Jeffrey was studying Industrial Engineering. We were both active in the Baptist Student Ministry and by our second year we were both Bible study leaders of separate groups. We slowly got to know each other and started dating in the fall! After graduation we got married and moved back to the DFW area – it was a wild year but God was so faithful in it all.

Claire became a teacher and Jeffrey got a job at a Defense Company and has moved up in the company throughout his time there. Over the past four and a half years we have found our community, joined a church which we love, and about two years ago we bought a house in a small, sweet neighborhood. We love it here and hope to stay as long as possible!

We have now been married just about 5 years and it has by far been our favorite adventure yet! We love doing life together and having a best friend for all of it. Right now, it is just the two of us and our dog, but we are excited about expanding our little family.

We are trusting God in all that we do and keep Him at the center of our marriage. Parenting will be no different – we embark on this journey knowing that God has been and will continue to be faithful to us.

Our Family

The traditions we have made have been so fun; yearly beach trips with family and visits to Colorado. We do sibling trips with the nieces/nephews as well and love any time we get! We have annual friend trips and celebrate December 23rd with a couple and their baby. We have loved creating these traditions with our people. Of course they have changed as our friends and families have children but it becomes more fun with each addition. We are so excited to continue these traditions with our babies!

Our Home


We live in a small neighborhood in the suburbs and we love it here! We live right next to an elementary school and park to walk around. We bought this house two years ago and have loved making it our own. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a loft area with plenty of room for us to grow into. Most days we see families taking walks and kids playing in their yards and love to sit on our back porch to drink coffee and play with our pup. This home is the perfect place for us to join our community and set down roots - we are so excited to do that with our future children!

Final Thoughts

above all else...

Mama, if nothing else we hope you know how loved and valued you are. We do not know you or your child, but we love you both, and more importantly Jesus loves you both. Above all we want to raise kids in a home that loves and supports each other, guides them to grow into who they are, and who loves the LORD, others and themselves. Thank you for looking at us to raise your child - we promise to love your child with all that we have.