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About Us

Love at Third Sight

We met when we were in middle school at church because Callie’s sister introduced us. We started dating as young kids but eventually broke up. Then we dated briefly in high school, but nothing serious. It wasn’t until college that Jonah reached out to Callie again to go on a date on Valentine’s Day. Jonah was going to SMU, and was in a Christian fraternity and Callie was going to UNT, and was in a Christian sorority. Callie knew after the date that this time would be different and that Jonah was the one for her! We had so much fun dating each other. We loved to go to the zoo, drive-in movies, go on nature walks, and hit up Krispy Kreme when the hot light was on!Jonah proposed to Callie a little less than a year later at the same spot he asked her to be his girlfriend. The following weekend, he took her on a hot air balloon ride. This had been on Callie’s bucket list, and it was so magical to experience together!

We got married in 2016, and honeymooned in Mexico. Jonah had an internship at Apple, so we spent our first year as a married couple in California near San Francisco. It was a wonderful year full of adventures every weekend with our dog, Teddy. We got to go to many state parks, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, and the city often. We really learned how to lean on each other in our marriage being newlyweds away from our friends & family. Ultimately we knew long-term we wanted to move back to Texas to finish college and be near both of our families. After finishing college, we eventually bought our first home which we adore. We love working on house projects. We both work together now, which is enjoyable and has grown our appreciation for one another. We love going to church and bible study, hosting patio nights, finding new places to hike, and unwinding from the day with a funny tv show. We have been wanting to grow our family for years now, and we long to be parents and raise a child together more than anything. We know that God’s plan for our lives will greatly exceed all our hopes and expectations.

What Jonah Thinks About Callie:
I refer to Callie by many names — baby bear (I don’t remember where this came from), monkey feet (she can pick anything up with her feet), and first gear (she was hiking slow one day), just to name a few. Callie is the love of my life and my favorite person in the world. There is no one I would rather spend time with than her. I love Callie’s sense of humor and silliness that comes out. Callie is a sweet and caring person with a knack for empathy and emotional connections. No matter what you are going through, she cares and will empathize and/ or commiserate with you. Callie always thinks ahead and considers every little detail, which makes her a great planner. I am incredibly thankful for this! When we take vacations with our families, Callie coordinates everything. People just show up and have a great time. Callie loves our nieces and nephews more than anything in the world and always makes them feel special. I’m blown away by how natural Callie is with kids and I can’t wait to see her with our future baby.

What Callie Thinks About Jonah:
Jonah is my absolute best friend! He has such a servant’s heart and is always willing to help others. He believes in the best in others and helps people achieve their goals and dreams. Jonah is a very caring human. He gives the best bear hugs and knows how to cheer up people. He is Mr.Fix It at home! He can truly fix anything that is broken, which makes me a very lucky gal. He has even fixed my curling iron by re-wiring it before. Jonah is such a fun uncle! He adores teaching his nieces and nephews new things through experiments, helping them fish, or pulling them on a skateboard down the driveway as a “ride”. Jonah is a great leader at work because of his integrity, humility, and ability to teach others. He is truly my favorite person, and I am so grateful to do life with him. I love that he loves the Lord, and that is where his foundation comes from. He inspires me with his ability to always think on the bright side and dream big! I am so grateful to have him in my life, and I know our future kid will be so lucky to have a dad like him!

Our Family

As a family, we have many traditions, especially around the holidays. We created a Thanksgiving tradition called the "Golden Gobbler Games". We compete in various relay type games, and one family group wins the trophy each year! Jonah's parents own a beautiful cabin in NM. We love taking family vacations with both sides of our families. It's our home away from home! We are also those silly people who love to match and look tacky for holidays! We even made the shirts and sweaters ourselves.

Our Home

Home Sweet Home

We live in a charming neighborhood with diversity, a great school district, walking trails, and a park right off our street. We live close to the public library, more parks, and an ice cream shop. There are a lot of young families on our street. Our house is 3 bedroom and 2.5 bath. Our living room is connected to a front room, that we will turn into a playroom. We recently built our patio in the backyard, and we love to host friends and family and watch movies from our projector outside. Our backyard still has plenty of grass for a future swingset or sports practice. In our front yard is a wooden bench swing, that we built together. Our nieces & nephews love it so much. Our house is decorated with warm tones and colorful accents and there are sentimental items with a story to tell all around.

For our nursery, we decided on happy yellow for the accent wall. The room has a safari animal theme. We have these beautiful prints from Callie's dad's old childhood bedroom that we were excited to decorate with!

Final Thoughts

Our Promise To You

More than anything we want you to know that we will love your child unconditionally no matter the circumstance. We will care for him or her and provide for all their physical and emotional needs. We will encourage and support them in all of their aspirations and dreams. We will be their biggest advocates and cheerleaders, and always show up for them. We will provide a safe place for them to learn and grow. We will take interest in the things that excite them. We will teach them that God loves them and that grace is never-ending. Your child will always know where they came from, and how much you love them. We will honor your choices regarding the openness you desire. We will celebrate and embrace your child's birth culture. Thank you for taking the time to view our profile. We hope to meet you in person and get to know you! - Jonah & Callie