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About Us

How We Met

We were introduced to each other through a mutual friend of ours in high school.

Rachel was going through a phase where she wanted to remain single due to a breakup from a prior relationship. Her plans were to remain single to focus on her friends and her relationship with the Lord trusting that God would provide in his timing. During an evening with some friends, Rachel was informed by her friend Meagan that she would be on the lookout for any guys and would give out her number if she found someone she might like to date. This was not asked of her to do and Rachel completely forgot about this thinking that while her friend meant well, she was also silly and nothing would come of this.

During this same period of time, Jordan was ready to date after working out to get himself fit and into shape. He spoke with a friend of his named Meagan who attended his high school and asked her if she knew anyone who may be interested in dating him. She gave Rachel’s phone number to Jordan. Not long after this, Jordan reached out to Rachel and the rest was history. Though we attended different high schools, we really hit it off and were able to see each other every weekend. We had many things in common but our faith in the Lord was the most important to us.

Despite still being in high school, we were intuitive enough to realize this was something different and we knew we were meant for each other pretty early on. We were engaged at 6 months of dating and continued to date throughout the rest of high school. In total, we courted for 2 and a half years and then married the summer after graduation from high school.

Our story has continually reminded us that trusting the Lord with our needs is so important. Throughout our 13 years of marriage, we have grown not only with each other but for each other. As we continue to keep our eyes on the Lord’s direction for our lives, we have continued to strengthen our relationship with one another as well as our relationship with God.

Our Family

Some of our family traditions include:
- Sharing gifts during Christmas
- Driving around town to look at Christmas lights with hot chocolate
- Regular church attendance on Sunday mornings
- Celebrating Easter Sunday and a hunt for eggs
- Family gatherings during Thanksgiving
- Kayaking with the family

Our Home

Welcome to our warm and welcoming home!

Our home is in a neighborhood where every home is settled on a half or full acre of land. Our home, built in the 1960s, sits on one acre filled with over seventy large oak trees. It is a perfect place for enjoying the shade while having fun in our spacious backyard. The area is just on the edge that divides the city from the country and provides the atmosphere of country living while being just minutes away from the excitement of the city. We are also located between two large lakes providing additional opportunities for family fun in the outdoors.

Final Thoughts

Blessings Through Adoption

We genuinely hope that after reading through our profile, you have a better understanding of who we are, what we are about, and our direction for life. We hope to make any child/children that is placed with us feel welcomed, loved, safe, and cared for. We would be honored, thrilled and humbled if you selected us to become adoptive parents. Regardless of any decision, this is something that we have been and will continue to be in prayer over. We thank you for your strength and incredible act of love. May the Lord bless all of us through the adoption journey.