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Rick and Tammi

Hi! We are Rick and Tammi!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us! We hope this may give you a little preview of what your child’s life may be like if you select us.

While in college, we met which was several years before we were formally introduced to each other by mutual friends. Our relationship began in 2013 and we knew we were destined to be together.

Before we were married, we talked about having children. Rick has adult children from his first marriage, and Tammi is an amazing mother to his children, but always longed to have a child that she could raise with Rick. After several years of trying to become pregnant, we found out that Tammi had a medical condition that required she have a hysterectomy. While we always thought we would have a child by birth and adoption, the Lord had a different plan and we began this journey to build our family through adoption sooner than we had planned. We truly believe it is God’s plan for us to adopt! Our families are extremely supportive of our adoption journey and about the possibility of us expanding our family.

We know you are facing a difficult decision, and we believe in our hearts that God will lead you to make the best decision for you and your child. Please know we have been praying for you and have more respect for you than words can ever express. Your decision is the greatest gift we could ever receive. We promise that your child will always know that you love and care for him or her greatly.


A Little About Us

About Rick, by Tammi:

Rick is a very friendly, warm, loving, patient, funny, and smart individual.  He is the awesome father of two adult boys.  He loves family and traditional family values. Rick is my partner in life. We work, play, and laugh together daily. He’s loyal and honest, and is always willing to lend a helping hand. If I ever doubt myself or get discouraged, Rick is always there. I cannot wait to raise a child with him!


Rick loves my sense of humor.  He says my caring heart never ceases to amaze him, and I have opened up his eyes to new experiences.  We recently enjoyed visiting the Polar Express in Durango CO.  Rick states this was an awesome experience that he would have never thought to try.   Rick has enjoyed learning how to fish off my parent’s boat, and not just fishing from the shore.

Rick is the youngest with three older siblings, two brothers and one sister. His parents live about 10 minutes from us.  Both his parents are retired and enjoy spending time with the grandkids and gardening. Rick is a middle school math teacher, and the athletic director for the school.

About Tammi by Rick:

Tammi is very caring, friendly, talented, creative, smart, and protective.  She loves to joke around and teach kids shenanigans to play on their parents.  Tammi loves having a full house with family and everyone’s kids and dogs.

Tammi is my partner in life. She is one of the most generous, caring, loving, and thoughtful people I know. She makes me a better person and continually motivates me through our life. My wish for her is to have the opportunity to be a mother. There is no doubt she will be a great mother and that we will make an outstanding team as parents!


Tammi is the oldest and has one younger brother.  My parents live about 2 hours away and are recently retired.  My parents are looking forward to spending time with family and fishing on the pontoon boat. Tammi is a commercial loan analyst and accountant. Tammi loves her job and the flexibility it allows for families.

Family Traditions


We both LOVE the holidays! Our home is always filled with festive decorations for the different seasons. Our families both celebrate with a lot of fun traditions. We cannot wait to pass on those traditions and create new ones special to us with your baby!











Together we love to see and experience new places, people and foods! We love road trips and being able to travel together. We cannot wait to share these experiences with a little one!

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