Legacy Adoption Services

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About Us

Our Love Story

We met Memorial Day weekend in 2018, on a cruise that we both took with friends. We struck up a conversation in the pool, talking about everything from t-graphs to tithing. The first conversation resulted in us hanging with our friends each day on the cruise and then chatting each evening. Realizing we were both from Texas, we met for dinner a week later, and we have been together ever since!

We were married in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. Because of the health restrictions, we had to cancel the wedding we planned in Mexico and instead were married by Demetra’s uncle in a local park. It was just the three of us!

Being newlyweds in a pandemic has been great. It felt like the world shut down just so we could enjoy each other. We relished in Demetra being able to work from home, which led to quaint dinners and lots of quality time.

Our Family

Family is extremely important to us and therefore we are committed to spending as much time with our families as we can. Our commitment has resulted in us having annual beach trips with our moms, our siblings and our nieces and nephews.

Christ is at the center of our home and our relationship. As for holidays, we love Christmas. We light the advent candle each Sunday during dinner and we also visit neighborhoods with elaborate lights each Sunday night during the holidays. We also wear matching sweaters each Christmas with Demetra’s family.

We can't wait to share these traditions!

Our Home

Home Sweet Home

We live in the city and love the closeness to downtown and parks. Living in the city provides us easy access to cultural amenities, such as sporting events, theater, as well as museums, movie houses, and historical landmarks. We also get to interact with people with a variety of life experiences and backgrounds, which we believe increases compassion and tolerance.

Final Thoughts

Before You Go We Want You to Know

1. We have been praying for you and we will continue to do so.
2. We promise to keep your baby safe and we will love, care and protect your baby.
3. We believe that everyone deserves to know where they come from and we promise to share your story with your baby.
4. We will tell your baby about your tremendous strength and make sure your baby understands the depth of your love.
5. We will make sure that your baby has room to make mistakes and still be loved.
6. We believe in the goodness, glory, and redemptive favor of God. And we will raise your baby to know and understand the same.