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About Us

Our Story

First, we’ll tell you a little about how we met, but the story changes with each point of view on this one. Will’s version: “We met at a work training. I saw this cute girl and decided to ask her to go to dinner with my friend and me. Then our relationship grew from there after I continued to be attracted to Amy’s kindness and approachableness. We started getting to know each other more and hanging out. I played “hard to get” by having people over and not inviting her myself but having someone else invite her. It worked like a charm.” Amy’s version: “Will first charmed me at dinner after training. He was extremely polite with a warm smile, such a gentleman, and offered me a bite of his food (the true key to my heart). The rest is history, and he is my real-life prince charming.”

We dated for a year and a half before Will proposed at an old movie theater. He thought he tricked me into thinking I was going to see a pre-release viewing of “Despicable Me 3.” Instead, he sang “In Case you Didn’t Know” to me and got down on one knee. We married a year and a half later.

We’ve been married for four years and have built a relationship on love, faith, and teamwork. Prior to marriage, our love grew quickly, and it was easy to know we were meant to be together. We share similar interests, and each bring strengths that help the other person get to heaven, our ultimate life goal. One thing we love about our relationship is how we both pitch in to help and share responsibilities around the house. This should translate well when building our family.

Our Family

Some of our family traditions include:
- Mardi Gras parades as an extended family
- Weekends and summer holidays at the lake and beach condo
- Annual cookie decorating for Santa
- Easter games which include a water balloon fight, egg toss, scavenger hunt, and more
- Saran wrap ball game at Christmas
We can't wait for a new child to be able to experience this with us and our larger family and to make even more of our own home traditions!

Our Home

Our Home, Community, and Child Care Plans

We live in 4 bedroom and 2 bathroom home that is ready for our family to grow. We love that our neighborhood is very diverse, and neighbors have turned to friends. We are excited that a few neighbors are expecting a little one soon so a future child will be able to build friendships and have play dates. We are located in Southeast Texas in a city with plenty to do but without all the traffic. We love the southern charm of Southeast Texas with the warm, embracing culture and fantastic food.

We are fortunate that we have received ample support from both of our workplaces to allow flexibility to spend plenty of time caring for a newborn. We each get 16 weeks paid off of work and have seen supervisors support coworkers leaving early and taking off work for their childrens’ needs and school/sporting events. Initially we plan to take a few weeks off of work together to care for and bond with our newborn. Then we plan to alternate weeks bonding with baby and working to keep baby home 6-8 months before going back to work. We have every other Friday off work and have flexible work hours and location which will allow additional bonding time.

Final Thoughts

Everything happens for a reason

We hope this profile has given you a glimpse into the unconditional love and dedication we hope to share with your child. If chosen, we promise to support your child's largest dreams. While we are so eager and excited to welcome a baby, we feel so humbled and honored to even be considered by you. Your consideration to place your child in our loving home is such a caring and selfless act. Your strength and love for your child are astounding, and we will make sure your child knows that throughout their life. We pray that God provides you great strength along your journey to determine what is best for your child(ren). Remember, everything happens for a reason.