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Advantages of Adoption

Adoption is the gift of hope. Legacy explores the advantages of adoption

The word adoption is the definition of bittersweet. There are bitter stings during adoption, including real grief, sad goodbyes and tough decisions. Our Texas adoption agency treats these feelings with compassionate care. There are also beautiful advantages of adoption that you should keep in mind. These benefits are often what propel an expectant mother through the most difficult parts of her decision.

Exploring the advantages of adoption

The counselors at our Texas adoption agency are intentional about reminding the women we serve why they are pursuing such an act of selfless love. Our expectant mothers, as well as those who have already delivered, often tell us about the peace they derive from many of the positive aspects of adoption. Some examples include the following.

  • You’re giving your child a better life than you can provide for them now. Often, adoption means a home with two parents, siblings, a strong community, education, travel and more. It can mean more stability, safety and a secure future for your child.
  • One of the most amazing advantages of adoption is making a couple’s dream of having a family come true. Nearly all our waiting families cannot have biological children, and many have been longing for a baby for years. When expectant moms get to make that hope a reality, it is often deeply satisfying.

Modern adoption makes for healthier outcomes

In modern adoption, you lovingly place your child with another family, but can still receive updates about him or her. You can choose a couple who is open to the same level of contact you desire with your child as they grow older. This might include emails, pictures, letters, texts, phone calls or even in-person visits.

Placing your baby for adoption today means your child will grow up knowing who you are. They will know your name and perhaps have pictures of you. They know that although it wasn’t easy for you, you chose adoption out of love for them and hope for their future.

Selfless love is your baby’s welcome into the world

At Legacy, we can attest that one of the most beautiful advantages of adoption is that they are loved by two sets of parents before they are even born.

Most babies enter the world being loved by one set of parents and their extended family. In adoption, a child is loved by his or her birth mother, and oftentimes birth father and grandparents. They are also fully loved by their adoptive parents, grandparents and extended family. That is double the welcoming party!

This level of love for a child can set the stage for a lifetime of self-confidence. Studies have shown that today’s adoptees are highly likely to lead happy, healthy and adapted lives, often crediting their birth story as foundational to their positive self-worth.

If you would like to understand more about the advantages of placing your baby for adoption, call or text our Texas adoption agency at 817-899-5000.