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Benefits of Adoption

Legacy highlights the threefold benefits of adoption

Adoption means a new beginning for everybody involved–the birth mother, adoptive parents and precious little one. While arriving at the decision to pursue adoption is rarely an easy process, we can assure you of the immediate and lifelong benefits of adoption.

Adoption allows you to chart a steady course

Life brings with it unexpected detours and diversions. The adoption advantage involves the security of a predictable outcome.

Women faced with unplanned pregnancies can rest assured that they have a plan, control of the outcome and resolution at the end of nine months. Plans to pursue an education, career, travel or other life goals can resume and opportunities are only delayed, not forever lost.

Couples faced with months, or even years, of infertility treatment can finally experience the relief, joy and excitement of a baby on the way.

Adoption provides a financial security blanket

Financial worries intensify the stress of an unintended pregnancy and can feel overwhelming, especially to the under-insured. Legacy Adoption Services reassures women that seek counsel and support that all expenses associated with the pregnancy are covered. That includes services to insure her overall wellbeing.

For the baby on the way, adoption into a two-parent family with a stable income forms the foundation for a secure future.

Adoption creates families & happy endings

Ultimately, adoption is about love. The decision to provide a loving home for an unborn child, and the sacrificial actions of both birth mother and adoptive parents never fails to inspire us at Legacy Adoption Services.

You may feel alone in weighing the benefits of adoption, but there are 2.1 million adopted children in this country. In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau added “adopted son/daughter” in 2000 to describe relationship to the householder. [2]

Talk with Legacy’s adoption specialists to learn more about your options and our long history of sharing the peace and resolution that adoption brings to everyone involved.

The decision to give your baby up for adoption is a courageous one. We want you to know that you can count on Legacy Adoption Services throughout this process. If you would like to talk with one of our caring professionals, please contact our office.