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Our Dallas adoption counselor is your guide to Texas adoption

Texas adoption is a rewarding and beautiful process, but it can also feel overwhelming. The team at Legacy Adoption Services enjoys sharing our expertise with people from around the state, helping them navigate a complex process on a local level. Our Dallas adoption counselor works with families in the area, compassionately guiding them through each step.

How can Legacy’s Dallas adoption counselor help me?

Our Dallas adoption counselor serves to educate and encourage families. Legacy Adoption Services also counts on her to make connections with local adoption partners, including medical staff, attorneys, social workers and other agencies.

By working with our industry colleagues, our adoption counselor can meet more people who are considering adoption for their children, increasing our ability to make the right match for families. She can also connect expectant moms with the highest quality healthcare and human services available.

In short, everyone who works with Legacy Adoption Services benefits from the work of our local counselors.

What does our adoption counselor offer to adoptive parents?

Adoptive parents often reach out to our Dallas adoption counselor for the following types of support.

  • Education about the adoption process
  • Guidance while creating their profiles
  • Help in navigating a relationship with their child’s birth parents
  • Financial advice around adoption

Legacy Adoption Services also provides ongoing encouragement to our adoptive couples. We know how long the wait for a baby can feel, especially if it is following a season of infertility. Our goal is to help families move through Texas adoption smoothly, rapidly and with abundant personal support.

How can our adoption counselor serve parents who considering adoption for their baby?

Parents who are exploring adoption as an option for their baby will receive the following services from our adoption counselor.

  • Neutrality around their adoption decisions and support in talking to their family about it
  • Personal guidance as they select adoptive parents and contact them
  • Help with healthcare, human and legal services during their pregnancy
  • Grief counseling during their pregnancy and postpartum recovery

Legacy Adoption Services stands firm in our belief that you are selfless and brave, deserving of the highest caliber of support and respect. If you are considering adoption, you can count on our adoption counselor for personal guidance and uplifting encouragement as you navigate one of the most meaningful decisions you will ever make for yourself and your child.

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