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Finding Your McKinney Adoption Counselor

Our McKinney adoption counselor can support you when you need it most

It’s not easy to face an unplanned pregnancy or raise a baby, especially when you don’t have the resources and support you need to do it. If you’re wondering about your options, our McKinney adoption counselor can help you learn more. The same is true if you and your spouse are interested in starting or growing your family using Texas adoption.

At Legacy Adoption Services, we support women and men who are thinking about placing a baby for adoption. We also help adoptive parents who want to bring home a baby. Our goal is to offer unbiased information, advice and support to everyone we serve.

Find out more about placing a baby for adoption

You’re not alone if you’re feeling overwhelmed by a positive pregnancy test or trying to raise a baby without the support you need. Our McKinney adoption counselor at our location in Hope Women’s Center can help you explore the options for you and your baby.

Learn about your options. You’re facing a lot of stress right now, so you might not think you have options. However, you do. Our counselor will help you learn about the different choices you have and help you process your thoughts and emotions about them in a safe and private space.

Decide how to tell others. Breaking the news about your pregnancy and adoption plans can be another source of stress, but you aren’t alone. Our counselor will work with you to create a plan to share this information with the people in your life.

Find a family to adopt your baby. If you decide that adoption is right for you, our team will help pick a family to adopt your child and shower them with love. You can review our profiles of adoptive families and pick the family you like best.

Our McKinney adoption counselor is also here for adoptive parents

No matter where you are on your journey to adopt, the Legacy team can help you learn more and take the next step when you’re ready.

Get the advice you need. It can be overwhelming to learn the ins and outs of adopting a child, but your counselor will guide you through each step. Our licensed counselor has a deep understanding of modern Texas adoption, so you’ll have the help and support you need.

Make your profile. Your adoptive family profile is your introduction to birth parents who are interested in placing their baby for adoption. Our team can help you create a powerful profile that will resonate with these parents.

Get help with matching and finalization. When you’re selected, your counselor will give you the good news and help you move through the next steps, from navigating the birth mom’s pregnancy to finalization of parental rights.

Meet our adoption counselor and get started

Legacy Adoption Services can connect you with our McKinney adoption counselor when you feel ready to get started. We can meet you in our office in Hope Women’s Center or meet you somewhere you feel comfortable like your home or a coffee shop. Contact us to learn more.

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