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Finding Your Midland Adoption Counselor

Rely on a Midland adoption counselor to help you through the process

When you’re pursuing adoption for your baby or you’re looking to grow your family by adopting a child, it’s common to have a lot of questions. Legacy Adoption Services is here to help you in your search for information about Texas adoption. We can connect you with a Midland adoption counselor who will serve as your adoption guide as well as a source of information and support.

Our adoption counselors can provide support and hope

We know that it can be overwhelming to face an unplanned pregnancy. Our team also knows how stressful it can be to parent a child under the age of two without the right support and resources. If you need help, an adoption counselor at Legacy can provide unbiased information about adoption. If you decide this path is right for you and your child, one of our counselors can walk you through the process of adoption.

Find out what your options are. You might not realize how many options you have when facing an unplanned pregnancy. Your adoption counselor will provide a safe space where you can learn about the different paths that range from parenting to adoption.

Break the news. You might be wondering how you can tell your family about your pregnancy and plans. A Midland adoption counselor can work with you to develop a plan for sharing this news with the important people in your life.

Find the right adoptive family for your baby. If you decide to pursue Texas adoption, the Legacy team will work with you to find a family to raise your child. You’ll view profiles of Waiting Families who would love to welcome your child into their family. From there, you’ll select your baby’s adoptive parents.

A Midland adoption counselor can also help adoptive parents

A lot of questions can come up as you explore welcoming a child through the gift of adoption. However, you don’t have to find the answers on your own. The Legacy team can provide information and guidance at every step of your adoption journey.

Benefit from our expertise. You might feel overwhelmed as you dive into all the information about adoption, but the Legacy counselors are here to help. Our team is well-versed in adoption and can guide you through every step.

Work to create your profile. As you develop your Waiting Families profile, your knowledgeable Texas adoption counselor will help. We know how to help adoptive parents create profiles that showcase who they are.

Get support for matching and finalization. Your Midland adoption counselor will share the good news when a birth mother selects your family. From there, your counselor will help you through the next steps, from the delivery to finalization.

If you want more information on adopting a child in Texas, please contact our main number. Our team will then send you our Hopeful Adoptive Parent Guide, which provides detailed information about our agency and the adoption process. Contact us to get started with an adoption counselor in Midland and nearby cities today.

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