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Lubbock Adoption Partners

We are grateful for our Lubbock adoption partners

When you choose adoption, you gain a support team. Our Lubbock adoption partners play an important role in the collaborative effort behind this lifelong commitment. With their help, we can help our families to complete adoptions in a sound and peaceful manner.

Legacy specializes in Texas adoption, with offices all around the state. Our Lubbock adoption partners specifically assist us in communities across the Panhandle and West Texas.

A look at the caring professionals we work with

One of the most rewarding aspects of adoption is the sense of camaraderie between everyone involved. The birth parents, adoptive family, clinicians, counselors, attorneys, and others all want the very best outcome for the child. Legacy serves as the facilitator amongst the many Lubbock adoption partners who make a Texas adoption possible.

  • Medical staff. A major part of our role in adoption is to ensure expectant mothers are receiving compassionate and thorough medical care, from pregnancy to delivery. Making sure the woman is covered by private insurance or Medicare is a top priority. We often work with OBGYNs, explaining the unique needs of a mother who has chosen adoption. We also communicate the expectant mom’s adoption plan with her delivery hospital.
  • Attorneys. We have established partnerships with adoption lawyers across Texas. These attorneys specialize in drawing up the legal documents necessary in an adoption. Legacy only works with lawyers who have an expert understanding of Texas adoption law.
  • Social workers. Compassionate social workers are an ever-present part of adoption. They care for everyone throughout the entire process. She will most likely have multiple visits and in-depth conversations with everyone involved in the adoption, so a trustworthy and kind social worker is a necessity.

Legacy can also connect parents with specialized Lubbock adoption services to support them along their journey.

A list of our Lubbock adoption partners

Below are some of the experts in the field that we frequently work with while facilitating Lubbock adoptions.

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Our Partners

Grace Medical Center

(806) 788-4100

2412 50th St, Lubbock, TX 79412

Lamb Healthcare Center

(806) 385-6411

1500 S Sunset Ave, Littlefield, TX 79339

Medical Arts Hospital

(806) 872-2183

2200 N Bryan Ave, Lamesa, TX 79331

University Medical Center

(806) 775-8200

602 Indiana Ave, Lubbock, TX 79415

Directions to Our Lubbock Office

Lubbock Adoption Agency Location

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1614 Avenue M #11, Lubbock, TX 79401

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Meet Melinda, Our Options Counselor in Lubbock, TX

Meet Danielle, Our Options Counselor in Lubbock, TX

Meet Marcela Carrillo, Our Options Counselor in Lubbock, TX

Marcela Carrillo, BS, MBA - Options Counselor