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“Success does not lie in results but in efforts. being the best is not so important, doing the best is all that matters.”

When you think of a success story at an adoption agency you probably think of how many placements they had. However, at Legacy a success story does not simply start or stop at a placement. Throughout the 2017, we have worked with and provided resources for over 100 women. Though not all of those women place their child for adoption, we still strive to help them better their own life.

When a mom comes to us, she is in a situation that she cannot handle or is overwhelmed. It is our responsibility, as individuals of this community, to help her restore that situation. For some women repair isn’t what they need. Some women need ears to listen; some women need resources to survive; and some women need a fresh start. At Legacy, we strive to notice the barriers in their life and help them work through them.

A success story is looking back on an expectant mother situation and saying we did everything we could for that mother and her child.

A success story is when a mom calls us from the hospital and we can be there to provide her with information, but most importantly listen as to why she feels adoption might be the choice for her.

A success story is when a mom comes to us fully addicted to a substance and we are able to walk alongside her, encourage her to quit and then receive a phone call years later saying, “I’m clean! Thank you. I’m clean, because you believed in me.”

A success story is when a young birth mother is able to select an adoptive family and that family opens their heart up not just to the baby, but also to the mom.

A success story is when a young teenage girl comes to us abortion minded and we are able to walk alongside her for seven months and then her and the father make the choice to parent together.

A success story is watching adoptive families and birth families go on vacations together.

A success story is helping a birth mother get out of an abusive relationship.

A success story is helping a teen mother find a dress to wear to her homecoming dance.

For us, a success story is not measured by the number of placements. It is measured, by how many young women we are able to help, support, listen to and love.

Jesus came and lived a perfect life full of love and not judgement. Our goal is to show the love of Jesus Christ to these women. We are simply planting a seed in this season of life and it is God who will sow the seeds.

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