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The Importance of Education

An unplanned pregnancy can cause those involved to rethink many things, one of those being their education. Some are on their way to graduation, some are in college and some are striving to get their GED. The thought of having a baby can cause both mom and dad to put their education on hold.

Education is a crucial for your future and it can help provide you with better opportunities. It can help you gain a better understanding and new perspective of the world. It can reduce vulnerability and build up your confidence. Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

We strive to help parents realize the importance of education. Yes, having a baby is expensive and you will need a job to support him or her, however your education should still be important to you. Many people experiencing an unplanned pregnancy believe that they have to give up work or school, which often leads them to dropping out and working full time.

There are many resources for mom’s experiencing unplanned pregnancy and we never want them to feel like they have run out of options. As we walk alongside these moms we strive to help them develop goals for their future and assist in kick starting those goals. We have had moms complete their GED, begin technical training programs and even transition into their dream jobs.

Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can be difficult, but you do not have to walk this journey alone. The Options Counselors at Legacy Adoptions are willing and able to help you discuss the options available to you and your child. Your counselor will be there for both of you as you sort through all the emotions and confusion. Contact a Legacy options counselor today by phone, chat, or email to begin the discussion.



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