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Dealing with your emotions about adoption after infertility

Dealing with your emotions about adoption after infertilityAdoption after infertility is a wonderful way to pursue family building. At our Texas adoption agency, we have helped many couples adopt a baby after their IVF treatments are over. Infertility does bring its own sense of loss and grief, and acknowledging those feelings is important. Discussing painful emotions helps you cope and move on to another phase of life. In this case, a different way of creating the wonderful family you want.

Grieving a loss before moving to adoption after infertility

The compassionate staff at our Texas adoption agency knows that you grieve a loss after discovering that you have infertility or experiencing failed fertility treatments. Naturally, discovering that you cannot have a biological child or give birth makes you feel sad. Denying those feelings doesn’t help you reach your goal of having a child to love. You need to acknowledge and discuss the way you feel with your partner, and even your friends and family. Keep in mind that your sadness doesn’t mean you can’t feel joy and happiness when you decide to move on to family building through adoption.

How to move forward on your journey to family building

Here are a few things that help people cope with their transition to adoption after infertility.

  • Acknowledge and accept feelings of loss or sorrow when you realize you will not be able to have a biological child. Your feelings are normal.
  • Seek counseling if you feel you need assistance coping with your emotions.
  • Create a ritual that helps you mark the occasion when you realized that you would not have a biological child. For example, plant a special tree for your lost biological child and then plant another to celebrate your newly adopted child.
  • Read and discuss books about creating a family through adoption after you experience infertility. Two suggestions include The Long Awaited Stork: Adopting after Infertility by Ellen Glazer and Adopting after Infertility by Pat Johnston

Adoption after infertility is a beautiful event. Dealing with feelings of loss and sadness helps you move forward in joy and love toward your new future: a baby to love. Contact our Texas adoption agency for more information.

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