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The Beauty of Adoption

Celebrating the beauty of adoption during National Adoption Month

At our Texas adoption agency, we are celebrating the beauty of adoption this National Adoption Month. Every November since 1984, people around the country have held different events to raise awareness about adoption. This month gives agencies, individuals, families and communities the opportunity to shine a spotlight on modern adoption.

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Positive Adoption Language

Celebrating adoption by using positive adoption language

In the 1600s, pastor George Herbert said, “Good words are worth much and cost little.” His sentiment is still true today. When people use positive adoption language, they encourage others, fight stigma and educate all who hear their words. Our Texas adoption agency believes in celebrating adoption with good words that respect everyone involved in the adoption process.

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Support Groups for Birth Mothers

Our caring staff wants you to know about support groups for birth mothers

Whether you are pregnant and considering placing your baby for adoption, or you have just given birth, you may want emotional support. Support groups for birth mothers take many forms, including online groups, in-person meetings, retreats and events. All the groups have one goal,

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