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Adoption and Forgiveness – Will My Child Forgive Me for Placing Them for Adoption?

Adoption and forgiveness – There is nothing to forgive about the loving choice of adoption

“Will my child forgive me for placing them for adoption?” is one of the most common questions our Texas adoption agency receives from expectant parents. Worrying about adoption and forgiveness is normal. This concern is grounded in care for their child’s well-being,

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The Evolution of Modern Adoption in Texas

Adoption in Texas through Legacy is transparent, fair and filled with grace

Around 135,000 children are adopted each year in the United States. 95% of those adoptions are open, meaning the expectant mother chooses who will parent her child. Nearly all modern adoptions involve ongoing contact between the birth and adoptive families. This wasn’t always the case when it came to adoption in Texas,

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Selecting A Family

If you are considering adoption as your parenting option, your next step will be to choose a family.

For most mothers, this is the most exciting step. Every agency will have a different process of how a birth mother selects a family, but at Legacy the choice is 100% the birth mother’s.

You and your counselor will discuss the dreams you have for your child and what you would like in a family.

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Selfless Love

“Love is unselfishly choosing for another’s highest good.”

-C.S. Lewis

In February, the theme of love is very prevalent. However, the theme of love is prevalent at Legacy all year long. Our birth mothers and birth fathers display love throughout their adoption journey. Placing a child for adoption is an act of selfless love.

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