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The Role of Grandparents in Adoption

What you need to know about the role of grandparents in adoption

Whether your child is an expectant parent or an adoptive parent, he or she is going to have a baby soon. In either case, it’s important to understand the role of grandparents in adoption. Our Texas adoption agency is here to help you learn how to support a loved one during the adoption process and in the years to come.

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Adoption After Infertility

Dealing with your emotions about adoption after infertility

Adoption after infertility is a wonderful way to pursue family building. At our Texas adoption agency, we have helped many couples adopt a baby after their IVF treatments are over. Infertility does bring its own sense of loss and grief, and acknowledging those feelings is important. Discussing painful emotions helps you cope and move on to another phase of life.

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The Importance of Ethical Adoption

Our Texas adoption agency provides ethical adoption to protect parents and babies

At our Texas adoption agency, we know that ethical adoption is the best way to protect pregnant parents, adoptive families and babies. All parties feel informed and supported when they participate in an ethical process. Our Texas adoption specialists support everyone by offering professional and honest services every step of the way.

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The COVID Vaccine and Other Steps to Prevent Coronavirus

Our team is taking steps to prevent coronavirus, which includes getting the COVID vaccine

Legacy Adoption Services is committed to supporting our expectant parents and adoptive families. Right now, working to prevent coronavirus is part of this commitment. From ensuring that our staff gets the COVID vaccine to following CDC guidelines, our Texas adoption agency is working to keep you safe on your adoption journey.

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