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The Loving and Caring Plan

A ‘Loving and Caring’ approach to unplanned pregnancy counseling

When you are pregnant, alone and scared, choosing among adoption and parenting may overwhelm you. There are pros and cons to each outcome, but which is the right path for you? The Legacy Adoption Services founder and counselors believe that when faced with an unplanned pregnancy, decision-making should revolve around Loving and Caring.

Loving and Caring is a series of life affirming resources that provide a template for arriving at a fact-based decision. With a trained and compassionate counselor by your side, you will work through conversation prompts and questions to help you arrive at an educated decision.

After unplanned pregnancy, planning ahead feels good!

Getting pregnant put you on an emotional, runaway roller coaster. Legacy has a plan for helping you regain control of your life. Once you are comfortable with the practical aspects of parenthood and adoption, making an informed decision comes easier.

Looking at Adoption: Legacy helps you explore adoption plans, and encourages you to talk openly about your concerns and expectations.

Parenting a Child: Have you ever filled out a job application for single parenting? Loving and Caring provides an innovative approach that sheds light on questions you may have about parenting, with or without a support system.

At Legacy Adoption Services, we embrace the Loving and Caring method in our counseling to equip young women for the journey ahead.

If you are pregnant and confused about what to do next, contact us for 24/7 support and care.

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