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Placing My Baby for Adoption

Placing my baby for adoption

For a woman who is trying to conceive a child, finding out she is pregnant can be one of the best times of her life. However, for a woman who is facing an unplanned pregnancy, it can often be one of the most stressful times instead of one of the best. From fear and anticipation, to concerns over whether they are ready to become a mother, many thoughts and emotions may run through their head all at the same time. An unplanned pregnancy can put a huge stress on finances, her career or education, and any future plans or goals she may have for herself. It can often be a scary time; filled with questions and uncertainties about the future. Fortunately, adoption can often be an excellent choice for a woman who feels that she is not yet ready to be a mother but knows that she loves her baby so much that she could never imagine ending her pregnancy.

Deciding to place your baby for adoption is a truly selfless act of love.

A woman who chooses adoption is doing not what is easiest, but what is best for her unborn baby – she is choosing life. She is giving her baby to a family that will love them unconditionally and who can provide them with endless love and opportunities that they themselves may be unable to provide.

Every woman who finds themselves with an unplanned pregnancy has a huge decision about whether or not to place their baby for adoption. So how does one decide?

Asking a couple key questions can be a great starting point when considering the options.

  • Can I financially support my child?
  • Do I have the time and means to raise a child right now?
  • Does the father want to be involved or do I have a good support system to help if not?
  • Am I ready and able to be a parent?

The last question may very well be the most important.

For a woman who feels that they are not ready or able to be a parent, adoption can be a great choice and one that will not only benefit the birth mother but her unborn baby and the family she chooses as well.

The benefits for birth mothers who choose adoption are endless. It gives them a second chance at the life they had envisioned for themselves. It allows them to continue with their education, advance their career, and most importantly they will know that they gave the most precious gift not just to their baby but to another family as well.

The benefits for her child are even greater. The birth mother is able to choose a family that fits the vision she has for her child. The family she chooses will not only be financially and emotionally stable, but she can rest assured knowing that they want nothing more than to love a child unconditionally. They will be able to provide all the love, support, stability, and laughter that she could desire for her child.

Placing your baby for adoption truly is the most selfless act of love. The family chosen will be forever grateful for the most generous and loving gift they could ever receive.