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Unplanned Pregnancy Options

Legacy Anchors You in the Storm. Trust that your courage transforms lives.

An unplanned pregnancy.

Legacy counselors and support staff completely understand the all-consuming stress and overwhelming need for reassurance that you feel right now.

The symptoms you are experiencing, such as cramping, tender breasts and nausea, may turn out to be a false alarm. Once you have confirmed your pregnancy with a visit to a doctor’s office or home pregnancy test (which are extremely accurate), your Legacy counselor will help you sort through your options and map out a plan. Together. You are not alone.

Legacy is here to offer help and hope

Think of your pregnancy as detour and not a roadblock. We will help you focus on the best possible outcome for your situation. Whatever you decide, Legacy will walk with you throughout this difficult season of your life.

Pregnant? Talk with a real, live person who cares

Tina Dean, a licensed clinical counselor, founded Legacy because she cares deeply about helping young women just like you. The first step is making a call, anytime day or night, to confidentially speak with a DFW Legacy counselor who is ready to listen. Without judgment. With compassion.

A Legacy Lifeline. Call us at 817-899-5000

You have options.

Right now, you need to envision each scenario. It helps to partner with a Legacy counselor who is on your side, offering objective and practical advice. We want to act as the anchor in this storm.

When you find out you are pregnant, there are three choices:

  • Parent the baby
  • Place the baby for adoption
  • End the pregnancy

Deciding to parent

Bringing a child into the world is an indescribable experience. Should you decide to keep the baby, a lifelong journey will begin that is filled with both rewards and challenges. Your Legacy counselor will work through the practical aspects of bringing home a baby, and will ask questions like:

  • Will the father help with the baby?
  • Are your parents supportive, and willing to assist with childcare?
  • What financial cushion will you have?
  • What are your long-term goals for school and a career?
  • What government assistance programs would you consider?

Deciding on adoption

Legacy Adoption plans range from open-door, ongoing interaction between birth mother and adoptive parents, to closed adoptions, and scenarios in between. You have a say in how to structure your adoption. Despite the stress and angst you feel right now, your crisis can actually bring great peace and joy … both to you and a childless couple willing to help support you financially and emotionally throughout your pregnancy.

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