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New Relationships After an Unplanned Pregnancy

New relationships after an unplanned pregnancy can foster love and support

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be one of the loneliest times for an expectant mother. She needs a loving team of people around her, especially if her parents or the baby’s birth father are unsupportive. As a result, forming new relationships after an unplanned pregnancy is one of the most positive outcomes of adoption.

For decades, Legacy has witnessed unlikely friendships form during our work in Texas adoption. How and why do such special relationships form? Because adoption is a life changing event that bonds people for years to come.

Trusting your social worker

If you are an expectant mother considering Texas adoption, we highly recommend working with a licensed adoption agency. Here, you’ll form many new relationships after an unplanned pregnancy. Additionally, you will receive the many benefits of working one-on-one with a credentialed social worker.

An adoption social worker typically has a four-year undergraduate degree in the field of health and human sciences. He or she must also have a graduate degree in social work, accompanied by hours of practice, training and certifications.

Working with an expert

Imagine you need an emergency surgery. You want to know you are in the hands of a highly trained and competent physician. The same sentiment applies to any life crisis. We feel better when we are supported by an expert, one who has handled multiple cases just like the one we’re facing.

As a result, one of the most important new relationships after an unplanned pregnancy is between a social worker and the expectant mother. If you are pregnant and considering adoption, your social worker can answer all your questions, help you plan, connect you with support services and provide counsel as you process your emotions.

In turn, the social workers at Legacy find purpose in working with our brave and selfless expectant mothers. It is one of the most rewarding aspects of our job.

Parent relationships after an unplanned pregnancy

Another precious bond formed during adoption is between the expectant mother and the adoptive parents. In modern adoptions, the mother chooses her child’s parents. When she makes that decision, she is met with a level of gratitude she is unlikely to have experienced before.

Adoptive parents today respect and admire their child’s birth mother. When they sign with an agency like Legacy, they receive education about the emotions and circumstances often surrounding a mother’s choice to place her child for adoption. Expectant mothers find their child’s adoptive parents to be sensitive to their needs and generous with their time and attention.

Who benefits from modern adoption?

Legacy can help you find an adoptive couple who desires the same level of post-adoption relationship as you do. This may be an annual letter and picture update, texts and phone calls, following each other on social media, or even in-person visits.

Open adoptions make room for new relationships after an unplanned pregnancy. A new kind of family is formed through the process of modern Texas adoption, benefitting expectant and adoptive parents, but most importantly the adoptee. Contact us to learn more.