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Modern Adoption

Modern adoption is a new term you might be hearing on social media, television and the radio.

To understand what modern adoption is, you must first understand that adoption is not abandonment. It is choosing life through an act of love. The term modern has come into light, because people are starting to understand that adoption does not have to be viewed negatively anymore. Most adoptions today are considered open adoptions, which means the parents have some sort of relationship with the child.

A strong adoption misunderstanding is that a mom wants to give up her child or she is abandoning them.

However, in modern adoptions we look at adoption as choosing to let someone else parent for you. Not everyone wants to be a parent, not everyone is in the position to be a parent and not everyone can afford to be a parent. So, choosing adoption allows the birth parents to give their child the best possible life.

The decision of placing a child up for adoption can happen for many reasons and it is not a reason to pass judgement. When a mother chooses to place her baby with another family, she is doing it out of selfless love. She loves her baby and wants what is best for him or her.

The beauty of modern adoption is that birth parents do not have to be strangers with their baby and the adoptive parents.

Part of modern adoptions is choosing what is best for the birth mom and her relationship with the child. Some parents want interaction with yearly visits, pictures and videos yet, some want distance with very few updates. No two modern adoption plans are the same, each is unique to the birth parents and child.

If you are considering adoption it is important to remember that the woman you meet is a blessing to your life. She is choosing to let you raise her child and giving you all of her parental rights. Understand that it will be joyous for you, but it will be hard for her. In modern adoptions, we encourage adoptive families to love on their child’s birth mother as much as she will allow.

Adoption can become a beautiful process if we allow it to be.

We pray that our ideas of adoption will allow you to see adoption in a new light. We also pray that the next time you encounter a woman who is placing her child, that you can be a source of encouragement and remind her that she is acting selflessly. Together we can change the stigma around adoption and allow children to grow up in stable homes.

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