Legacy Adoption Services

Tina Dean, Executive Director

Tina Dean, Legacy Adoption Services Co-Founder & Executive Director of Clinical Services

As a lifelong advocate for families, Tina has worked in adoptions and family building since 1997. A graduate of California State University Fullerton, Tina earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Child Development in June 1994. Tina completed her Master’s in Social Work from California State University Long Beach in 1996. She holds the highest level of licensure in the State of Texas as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker as well as being a Licensed Child Placing Agency Administrator which allows her to run an agency. Her professional experience includes program development; working with families; teens and adults with mental health and substance abuse issues; and the elderly.

Since February 1997, Tina has worked in some capacity in the area she considers her true calling…adoptions and the creation of families.

With the Adoptions program in Orange County, California, Tina was able to provide children with forever families when their birth families were deemed unfit to care for them. She took a particular interest in the often overlooked kids, those with special needs. Through this work, Tina found homes for those individuals thought to be best fit for long-term foster care, blessing those children with permanent family placements.

In May 2000, Tina moved to Texas. She had her first child, Cody, in 2001. Cody has special needs, so Tina continued to work part-time in adoptions and counseling while serving as Cody’s full-time social worker to ensure that his needs were met. Cody has become an independent young man, in college to looking to become a Pediatric Anesthesiologist, and has a 14 year-old sister, and three bonus-sisters. Tina works full-time doing the work that she loves…creating families.

Opening Legacy Adoption Services is a dream come true for Tina because she is able to fulfill the hopes of others and help build legacies through the loving hearts of birth moms.

Tina loves providing new birth moms the comfort they need when they first call in to inquire about adoption, as well as talking with the birth moms when they are in crisis to provide the on-going support they often need. She enjoys helping birth families share their stories to make sure this information is passed on to the adoptive family to produce a legacy for the children. She feels it is truly a privilege to be a part of each woman and every family’s lives. Tina and husband Todd share a beautiful blended family of five: Danielle, Cody, Julianna, Callie and Madeline, which allows them to truly appreciate the importance of family.