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Find Adoptive Family for My Baby

Adoptive Family Screening Protects Children

There is little left to chance when choosing prospective parents for your child. We put as much thought into screening an adoptive family that is presented to you as you do in making the final decision. Legacy Adoption Services has stringent requirements that must be met before we will consider offering couples or individuals our adoption services.

Securing Your Child’s Well-being

In-depth Interviews: Every hopeful couple and individual who approaches our agency is interviewed to determine their commitment to an adopted child. Legacy Adoption Services inquires about their efforts to have a child. Plans for previous or future fertility treatments are discussed. This in-depth interview explores all the personal issues that may affect their love for an adopted child, and ensures that every child is truly wanted.

Home Studies: Our licensed social workers visit the homes of prospective parents as part of screening an adoptive family. We make sure the home is clean, safe and large enough to accommodate a new child. Have they made plans for a nursery or will the child share a room with a sibling? Do they have the equipment necessary to care for a child’s safely, or do they need to acquire car seats, high chairs, cribs, bottles, strollers and other items? We check homes to ensure that cabinets, drawers, stairs and other areas already have been childproofed. We also take this opportunity to talk with prospective parents in their homes to explore their desire to adopt a child.

Background Checks: Even though adoptive families have been interviewed and our social workers have visited their homes, we still perform thorough background checks when screening an adoptive family. We investigate their financial, medical and criminal histories to add an additional level of security. Raising a child can be expensive, and the adoptive family should have sufficient financial resources to draw upon when needed. Medical histories confirm that the adoptive parents are physically able to care for a growing child. Criminal background checks protect the child against risky behavior or from those who have been convicted of crimes against children.

Communication Agreements: Every adoptive family that is presented to you has agreed to ongoing communication with you until the child turns 18. At a minimum, you can view photos and receive updates about your child. Determine in advance whether you want to communicate via email, telephone conversations and letters or via creative, online media.

Put Your Heart into the Decision

You can rest assured that every adoptive family presented for your consideration has undergone rigorous screening by our expert social workers. Now we want your opinion. You will have many families to consider for adoption, and we narrow the field by screening an adoptive family for you, and present only those that meet your criteria. We take care of the prescreening of adoptive families so you can put your heart into choosing the perfect parents for your child.