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Find the courage to ask questions when considering giving up a baby after delivery

It could have been the excitement of possibilities, or the whirlwind of emotions that surrounded your unplanned pregnancy, but the baby has arrived, and reality does not match your expectations. It might be challenging to find a safe home, a stable income and reliable transportation. And promises of support from your partner and family members have not materialized. It’s no wonder that you may be considering giving up a baby after delivery or after trying your best for a few months. Our Texas adoption agency has met hundreds of wonderful and loving women in the same situation.

Make a plan when considering giving up a baby after delivery

It takes a good mother who understands the options to choose the best future for her child. This may mean finding professional counselors to discuss what is best for you and your infant.

Today’s modern adoption plans allow for birth mothers to decide who will raise their child and to be as involved as they choose. Birth mothers may opt for an open, a closed or a modern adoption – involving any level of involvement with an adoptive family that the birth mother desires.

The only way that overwhelmed mothers “give up” their control is through the following means:

  • Leaving the baby at the hospital.
  • Abandoning the infant at safe houses or with friends.
  • Allowing Child Protective Services (CPS) to terminate parental rights and put the child in foster care or place it for adoption through the state system.

Considering giving up a baby after delivery to an unknown future doesn’t have to be your default position. Ask for help to devise the best solution.

Options counselors offer choices

You can talk with compassionate counselors who have experience with the issues you are fac-ing and can answer your questions. The licensed options counselors at our Texas adoption agency have talked to many other women considering giving up a baby after delivery when they faced the same dilemmas. No matter what, they never judge your questions or your decisions.

There is no fee for their assistance. Options counselors can help by providing:

  • Objective counseling to help you reach your personal goals.
  • Assistance dealing with family members who may disagree with your decision.
  • Access to other women who have faced similar issues.
  • Access to pre-screened families who would love to help raise your child.
  • Ongoing support and counseling after you’ve made a choice.

Get support if you are considering giving up a baby after delivery

As a modern adoption agency, Legacy Adoption Services will never try to influence your decisions. And as a Texas adoption agency, we offer nearby services anywhere in the Lone Star State. Contact our options counselors to learn your options and find your personal peace.