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Are you a mother or a father facing an unplanned pregnancy? Do you want to explore adoption and consider an adoption plan? Legacy is here to support expectant parents in the Houston area.

Legacy is delighted to serve as a local Houston adoption agency, providing in-person counsel to expectant mothers. It is our privilege to walk alongside the clients we serve, offering guidance, education and encouragement the entire way.

If you are considering adoption in the Houston area, which includes Galveston, Sugarland, The Woodlands, Pasadena, Pearland, Katy and Conroe, we’ll begin by meeting you where you are – both in your journey and in your literal neighborhood.

Services provided by our Houston adoption agency

Expectant mothers are met with compassion and support at Legacy’s Houston adoption agency. We take great care in providing the following services to our brave mothers.

Counseling: If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, one of our counselors will meet you in a safe place to help you thoughtfully consider all of your options. If you decide that adoption in Houston is the best fit for you at this time, we will offer guidance as you process your emotions, find support and remain educated throughout the entire process.

Finding a family: The choice of who will parent your child is fully your own. The counselors at our Houston adoption agency will provide you with the resources you need to make such a decision, and will help you navigate a relationship with this very special couple.

Making a hospital plan: A vital component of your adoption in Houston is creating a labor and delivery plan that feels right to you. A Legacy counselor will sit down with you to help you think through all of the details, paving the way to a fair and peaceful hospital stay.

Legacy can provide the following services to hopeful moms and dads pursuing adoption in Houston.

Counseling: A Legacy counselor can offer Houston parents valuable knowledge about adoption. We are here to answer your questions, help you sort through new information and affirm your commitment to the process.

Publicizing: Once you have completed your application, specialists at our Houston adoption agency can help you make a profile book of texts and photographs to share with expectant mothers. Your information can also be viewed on our online portal.

Matching and finalization: The highlight of pursuing adoption in Houston arrives with the birth of a new child! Legacy will contact you once an expectant mother has selected your family. We will walk you through all aspects of that important relationship, from the initial “match” call, to the hospital stay and through finalization.

Service areas for our Houston adoption agency

As a community-based Houston adoption agency, Legacy makes it convenient for you to begin receiving personal guidance by meeting in a space that feels comfortable to you, whether it be your home, church or a favorite coffee shop.

If you prefer to meet at our local office to begin discussing adoption in Houston, we can meet you there by appointment. Call us at 713-588-5944 to schedule your initial consultation. We look forward to embarking upon the adoption journey with you.

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