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Finding your Houston Adoption Counselor

The adoption process can be overwhelming. A Houston adoption counselor can help

Whether you are a Houstonian facing an unplanned pregnancy, or a couple longing to bring a child into your home, an experienced adoption professional can serve as a tremendous resource during an uncertain time. Through Legacy, a local Houston adoption counselor can provide the personal care and support you need.

A Houston adoption counselor for those considering adoption for a baby

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, we consider it a privilege to get to know you and your story. A Houston adoption counselor can support you in many ways.

  • Making your decision. You may be contemplating parenting or placing your child for adoption. Talking with a Houston adoption counselor can bring light into what is often a dark and overwhelming time. We are here to help you process your options and emotions as you take one practical step at a time.
  • Telling others. For many people, informing their parents and partner of their situation is a very difficult step. A Legacy counselor can help you decide how to talk with your loved ones about your pregnancy.
  • Finding a family. Making another couple’s longtime dream come true can be one of the most beautiful pieces of adoption. When you are ready to choose a family for your child, a Houston adoption counselor will provide you with all the resources you need to make this important choice.

Counseling services for adoptive parents

Whether you are certain of your call to adopt or simply curious about it, we can answer your questions and help you determine your next best step. Legacy provides the following services to hopeful parents exploring adoption in and around Houston.

  • Expertise. The path to adoption can be long and complex, but Legacy counselors are well-schooled in the process. We usher our families through each step, keeping them on pace and moving toward their goal of welcoming a child into their family.
  • Profile creation. It can be challenging to sum up your heartfelt desire to parent in just a few words and pictures. A Houston adoption counselor can guide you in creating a family profile that is meaningful to the women who see it.
  • Matching and finalization. Once a birth mother selects your family, your counselor at Legacy will contact you with the good news. We will help you navigate this new relationship through pregnancy, delivery and finalization in court.

Find a Houston adoption counselor who is available now

Legacy is available around the clock to match you with a Houston adoption counselor as soon as you are ready. With a home base in Dallas-Fort Worth, Legacy’s services expand across the state of Texas. One of our local adoption counselors can meet you in our office by appointment or come to a place that is convenient for you – whether it’s your home, a park or a coffee shop.

Call us at 713-588-5944 to be matched with a Houston adoption counselor. We look forward to supporting you through each step of the adoption process.

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