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Placing a Baby for Adoption in Houston

Placing a baby for adoption in Houston can be a loving and thoughtful option

When you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, your mind is likely swirling with questions and concerns about the options for you and your child. What will the future look like? Should I raise the baby on my own, or should I think about placing a baby for adoption in Houston?

As you consider these important questions and learn about your options, you want a caring and objective ally who can provide information and support during this challenging time. The team at our Houston adoption agency is here to answer all of your questions about adoption.

Learn more about placing a baby for adoption in Houston

Jennifer and Marcy are the licensed options counselors at Legacy Adoption Services. Whether you just found out that you’re pregnant or you’re struggling to raise a child under the age of two, you can reach out to discuss your challenges and how you can take control of the lives of you and your child.

Don’t feel like you’re giving up a baby for adoption. Instead, feel empowered that you’re providing for your baby by choosing parents to raise your child. Our Houston adoption agency has many loving families who are ready to open their hearts and adopt a child. If you decide that placing a baby for adoption in Houston is right for you and your child, you – and you alone – will select the family who will raise your child.

When you’re ready to meet with Jennifer or Marcy, please make an appointment. We are happy to meet anywhere that is convenient for you. In the past, we’ve met at parks, homes, coffee shops and malls throughout the state. We can also meet at our Houston adoption agency.

Explore the loving option of adoption

The days of giving up a baby for adoption are over. Today, modern adoption gives you empowering choices that allow you to create a beautiful life for your child and provide a legacy of love.

Contact us to learn more about placing a baby for adoption in Houston. The options counselors at our Houston adoption agency are available 24/7 to listen to your concerns, provide information and defend your decisions.

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