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The Post Birth Adoption Process

Learn more about the post birth adoption process

Can you place your child for adoption after birth? Yes, in fact this is occurs often. In an unexpected pregnancy, nine months can go by fast. We know you may have concerns and are wanting to make the best choice. It’s possible to place your child for adoption last minute, even post-delivery. We’ve seen many new mothers choose adoption after delivery, it is actually common. It is our privilege to help women navigate this process.

Whether you are in labor, in postpartum recovery or you are back home with your child, you can call us 24 hours a day at (817) 899-5000. Our Texas adoption agency can begin working on your behalf immediately.

Can you place your child for adoption after birth?

You may be wondering what happens after you decide to place your child for adoption after birth. Our Texas adoption agency will hold your hand through each step of this life-changing process. You aren’t alone.

  • One of our friendly Options Counselors will meet you where you are as quickly as possible.
  • Your Options Counselor will counsel you through the options that you have going forward and make sure that you are fully informed of your remaining options.
  • You will have the chance to review profiles of our hopeful adoptive families. These wonderful couples have undergone in-depth screening and are ready to adopt at the time which they are presented to you.
  • Once you’ve chosen your child’s adoptive family, you will be able to meet them in person. For future communications, you may choose to meet them in person, over the phone or by Facetime.
  • Lastly, you’ll sign your consent to the adoption, or the legal assigning of custody to the adoptive family. Your Options Counselor will be with you during this step, explaining the documents and answering any questions you have.

The after delivery adoption process is common and our adoption agency is prepared for these instances.

The post birth adoption process is always free

You might have legitimate worries about your medical, legal and living expenses. In addition, you may also have fears about losing control and grieving your child.

Even if you are pursuing the post-birth adoption process: Our services are free for expectant parents. We provide an adoption attorney, emotional support and counseling throughout and after the adoption process for expectant parents.

You are always in control of your adoption plan

The Options Counselors at our Texas adoption agency are trained to walk through the adoption process with mothers at every stage in pregnancy and beyond. Fortunately in modern adoptions, birth mothers no longer say permanent goodbyes to their children.

No matter when you decide to place your child for adoption, you are in control. You decide who will parent your child. You determine your hospital plan. You choose the type of post-placement contact you would like to have.

In modern adoption practices, families consistently send (at least) letter and picture updates to their child’s birth parents. Some will text and talk on the phone, follow each other on social media, or even visit one another. When a mother chooses adoption for her child, it does not have to be the end of their relationship.

If you are wondering, “Can you place your child for adoption after birth?” know that the timing of your decision matters less than the love behind it. Contact one of the experts at our Texas adoption agency at (817) 899-5000 to learn more about the post birth adoption process.

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