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When deciding on adoption, should you use an agency or private adoption?

When a birth mother is considering adoption one of the first decisions she has to make is whether to use an adoption agency to assist in the process or to do a private adoption.

There are many differences in the two processes and in most cases using an agency can be extremely helpful to the birth mother. The process can be complex and often overwhelming for a birth mother but an agency can offer the guidance and comfort needed to ensure a smooth and successful process.

For starters, in a private adoption, the birth mother is left to plan and navigate the adoption process by herself, without the help of an experienced counselor. However, with an agency, the birth mother will have a professional counselor by her side every step of the way, helping to guide her through the entire process.

In a private adoption, the birth mother is responsible for finding her own adoptive couple and her own attorney to handle the adoption process.

But with an agency, they have experienced professionals carefully screen each adoptive couple with written applications, interviews, and background checks. This means that the birth mother can rest assured knowing that she has selected a couple that are qualified to adopt. Lastly, the birth mother has the benefit of utilizing the legal services provided by the agency during this time instead of having to find her own attorney.

During an agency adoption the birth mother relinquishes parental rights to the agency instead of directly to the adoptive couple. This means that the agency gives the adoptive parents consent to carry out the duties of parents during this time and they remain under the supervision of the agency until everything is finalized. The agency serves as an intermediary between the birth mother and the adoptive parents throughout the process. On the other hand, if the rights go directly to the adoptive couple they are named managing conservators and are the only ones who have a legal connection with the child.

Another thing to consider is that in a private adoption the adoptive parents are only allowed to pay for the birth mother’s pregnancy-related medical and legal expenses. But in addition to those costs, an agency may be able to provide additional financial assistance to birth mothers in certain cases when the needs are documented and approved by state licensing.

Lastly, an agency can provide professional counseling to birth mothers and long term assistance with post placement plans for communication. Agencies have experienced counselors who are trained to guide birth mothers through this emotional time. They not only help with the paperwork and legalities necessary during the adoption process but can also serve as a caring support system for the birth mother. They act as a liaison between the birth mother and the adoptive parents to ensure that the process is beneficial for all.

At Legacy Adoptions we have a wonderful team of experienced and caring professionals who can assist both birth mothers and adoptive parents with all aspects of the adoption process. If you are considering adoption or would like more information please do not hesitate to call us at 817.899.5000. We would be happy to assist you and answer any additional questions you may have about using an adoption agency.