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Why People Adopt

It’s not always infertility. Our Texas adoption agency shares five reasons why people adopt

If you are an expectant parent considering adoption, you may be wondering why people adopt. Or perhaps someone in your community has adopted, and you are curious about what led them to that choice. Adoption often seems like a mystery to those who haven’t actively participated in it yet. As a leading Texas adoption agency, we work with couples who have thought of many reasons to adopt.

Sometimes pregnancy isn’t possible

Infertility is one of the most common reasons why people adopt. Many of our couples have tried to have a baby for years with no success. Often this includes treatment from a fertility specialist, which can wear on a couple both physically and emotionally.

It may also be dangerous for a woman to carry a child to term. She may have experienced one or more miscarriages. Sometimes, a doctor will determine that pregnancy is too high risk for a woman, due to diabetes, an autoimmune disorder, age or physical issues.

Finally, a couple may decide to adopt if one or both are carriers of a genetic disorder. They may have serious concerns about the repercussions of potentially passing this gene to a child.

If a couple has experienced an inability to become or stay pregnant, Texas adoption is a beautiful step for them.

Four more reasons why people adopt

While infertility often predates adoption, it is only one of many reasons why people adopt. When hopeful parents come to one of our Texas adoption offices, they typically list a combination of factors behind their decision.

  1. Becoming parents is more important than getting pregnant. Whether they have tried to conceive on their own or not, the couples we work with have one goal above all else. They want to add a child to their family.
  2. They have a heart for expectant mothers facing unplanned pregnancies. Countless people see women in such situations as enormously brave and selfless. Nearly all our couples want to support the expectant mother’s adoption choice, plans, health and future.
  3. They have a heart for the thousands of children across the world who are living in temporary homes. A couple may want to become parents to a baby who is at risk of entering the foster care system. They express a passion for the foster care and adoption movement as a whole and want to become active participants in it.
  4. They are called. Of the many reasons to adopt, this is the one we hear most often. By the time a couple comes to our Texas adoption agency, they are already in love with the idea. They express an undeniably strong pull, a heartfelt desire, a poking in the back of their minds that won’t go away. We can testify that the couples we work with can hardly wait to meet the newest member of their family.

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