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Baby Moses Law

In 1999, Texas introduced the “Safe Haven” law or “Baby Moses” law that states that a baby that is 60 days old or younger may be placed by his or her parent in a safe place.

Texas defines three options as safe places to take a newborn: a hospital, an emergency medical services provider, or a licensed child-placing agency. When leaving your baby with an employee at one of these places, you must say that it is your wish to leave the baby at a safe haven.

You may be asked to give some family medical history so that the baby can get the care it needs. This is simply to give the new caretakers as much information as possible about the baby’s health. This law was put into effect to begin combating the trend of abandoning a child in random public areas. With this law, we are hopeful that the number of infant deaths because of abandonment will decrease over time.Being a parent can be completely overwhelming. Situations can arise where it seems like there is no hope for the child’s future, and it might be that you simply feel that it would be best for someone else to raise the newborn. If you come to this point and don’t know what to do, take a deep breath; you have an option.