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Picking a Family for My Baby

Picking a family for your baby may seem difficult

With an unplanned pregnancy, you may feel that life is beyond your control. But in reality, you are in control of three lives: yours, your baby’s, and an adoptive family’s. You are giving the gift of life while making someone’s dreams of a family come true.

An unplanned pregnancy doesn’t mean an unplanned life: considering options for your baby

Legacy Adoption Services allows birth mothers to choose the future families of their children. You will have the opportunity to meet people that would love to have a child in their lives or to add to their families. You can read their profiles, see their pictures and learn about their hopes and dreams for your baby.

When you are picking a family for your baby after an unplanned pregnancy, consider:

Adoption plans. What works best for you? Do you want to have ongoing communication with your baby’s future adoptive family through an open adoption? Or would you prefer a closed adoption, with access to information only if you want it in the future?

Race or cultural background. Many adoptive families feel they can offer a happy home regardless of the baby’s race or cultural background. You may want the baby placed with a family that looks like him or her.

Married or single parents. Do you envision your baby in a traditional setting with a mother and father, or would you like your child to be nurtured by an individual that can’t naturally have a child but has a lot of love to give?

Careers and stay-at-home parents. What are the careers of the couple or individual that you are considering? Is it important that one parent plans to stay home with the baby while the other works? Just keep in mind that financial circumstances often change, and that both parents may have to work outside the home at some time.

Other children or extended family. Will your child be an only child or have siblings in his or her adoptive family? It’s possible that the parents plan to adopt more children or become pregnant. Do you care to know about grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who will play a role in your child’s life?

Common interests and life experiences. How do you picture daily life in the adoptive parents’ suburban, country or big-city home? Any of those settings may include simple pleasures, including pets, friends, and room to roam, or the adoptive parents may enjoy travel, hobbies or cultural experiences.

Education. Many factors can influence educational goals and opportunities. Does it matter whether your child attends public school or do you think private school for accelerated or learning differences may be an option? Did the adoptive parents attend college?

Religion. It is important to some birth mothers that their children are raised in a specific faith, with observations of religious holidays and traditions. What role will faith play in your child’s life?

Personality. Do the prospective parents seem able to adapt to the needs of a child? Adults who are flexible and have a sense of humor about life tend to cope well with the challenges of parenthood.

Location. If you have chosen an open adoption, do you want to be able to see your child on occasion? However, if you are happy with letters, pictures and other communication methods, then location may not be a factor in your decision.

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, Legacy Adoption Services offers options.

We wish to support you during this difficult process. Contact us or call us at (817) 899-5000 to talk with one of our licensed social workers, and we’ll work with you to make plans for the future.