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Adoption Changes Lives

Legacy Adoption Services explains how adoption changes lives for the better

It is a great privilege to work in the world of adoption. At our Texas adoption agency, we see how adoption changes lives tremendously for the expectant parents, the adoptive family, the adopted child and their wider communities.

Most expectant mothers prioritize the life of their child when they are considering adoption. Part of our job is to point out how adoption also changes lives in a broader sense. We find these revelations often bring our expectant moms additional peace.

How adoption changes lives for the adoptive family

Our Texas adoption agency has seen abundant positive outcomes for birth and adoptive families over the years. We’ve witnessed how adoption changes lives in the following ways.

  • Our expectant parents get to make a couple’s dream of parenthood come true. Just scroll through our Waiting Families and you will read and hear stories of couples longing for a baby. When an expectant mom gets to make their hope a reality, it is often deeply satisfying for her.
  • It’s not just the couple who become parents. An entire family grows. When a couple has struggled with infertility, their family has often hoped alongside them. Legacy has witnessed the elation of new siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Adoption changes lives for everyone who has been hoping for a baby to enter the family.
  • Adopted children today have a healthy sense of self-worth. Adoption has evolved over the years, leading to greater health and peace for everyone. Today’s adolescent adoptees report deeper understandings around the reasons for their adoption, appreciating the photographs of their birth family and having positive feelings toward their birth mother.

Young adoptees are also more likely to be healthy, live with two parents, have economic advantages, participate in extracurricular activities and be read to more than the typical population. Adoption changes lives most profoundly for the children touched by it.

How adoption changes lives for expected parents

The team at our Texas adoption agency is so proud of our expectant parents. They bravely and selflessly make the hardest decision of their lives, only to become stronger for it.

  • Many of our expectant parents go on to pursue their educational and professional goals and dreams.
  • Their lives become more aligned for parenthood over time and they go on to have healthy families.
  • They can look back on their decision with confidence, knowing they gave their child the best life possible at the time.
  • Expectant parents can take time to focus on themselves and get treatment for any physical or mental health issues.
  • Adoption also provides an excellent option for expectant parents who are raising other children, caring for a loved one, dealing with an open CPS case or serving time in prison.

Expectant parents may never know the positive impact of their choice on those around them. Adoption changes lives for those who are fortunate enough to witness the strength of expectant parents. They have the power to inspire others through their act of selfless love, whether they know it or not.

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