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Options for Unexpected Pregnancy

Discover options for unexpected pregnancy

Your options are obvious but the decision is difficult. Every woman with an unplanned pregnancy knows that she has three choices:

  • Raising the child
  • Giving the baby up for adoption
  • Terminating the pregnancy

The compassionate counselors at Legacy Adoptions never tell clients what decision to make.

You are in complete control of your life and that of your baby. However, we are here to help you work through all the questions racing through your mind. You are not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), almost half of all pregnancies are mistimed, unplanned or unwanted. If you are certain that you are not ready to parent a child, then you are left with adoption or abortion. There are several points to consider when making a decision.

Giving a baby up for adoption

Years ago, there were not many choices for women choosing adoption. After giving birth, the mother surrendered the baby to a family or an agency. In the latter case, they might never have known who the parents would be or how their babies were doing. The situation has changed.

  • Open and closed adoptions allow women to have as much involvement as they wish. Birth mothers can help choose the family that gets the gift of a child. Agencies match the desires of the birth mother with pre-screened adoptive families so that the relationship starts on the right track. Some birth mothers want to see their babies, some just want pictures and some do not want any future involvement.
  • Access to resources supports the healthy development of the baby and mother. The social workers at Legacy Adoption Services can help identify agencies and government organizations that provide assistance with food, shelter and medical care.
  • Flexibility provides birth mothers more time for deciding whether they are ready to parent or put the baby up for adoption.
  • Feelings of loss are experienced by many birth mothers who have placed their babies for adoption. Our caring staff can help you deal with these emotions while recognizing that you have given a precious gift to someone who desperately wants a child.

Terminating a pregnancy

Abortion used to be illegal and sometimes dangerous. But today it is a quick and permanent solution to an unplanned pregnancy. However, the options are greatly reduced as time progresses.

  • Methods for terminating a pregnancy vary as it progresses. Options include a pill, suction/vacuum syringe, suction aspiration/vacuum curettage, dilation and curettage, RU486 hormone treatment over three visits, methotrexate anti-metabolite with expulsion suppository, dilation and evacuation, instillation methods (often adding saline to the amniotic sac), partial birth abortion and hysterectomy.
  • Health risks are always a concern during abortions. Some studies indicate that in addition to scarring of the reproductive system, hormonal changes during the process can lead to breast cancer. (see notes from Legacy blog on research support.)
  • Emotional struggles continue after the procedure has taken place. Many women feel conflicted because their religion or culture views abortion as taking a life.
  • Irreversible decisions cannot be undone. Be sure the physician performing the procedure has a medical license and malpractice insurance and can transport you to a hospital if you are injured during the procedure.

If you are ready to become a parent and debating whether to keep the baby or have an abortion, contact the counselors at Legacy Adoption Services to help you work your way through these hard choices.


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