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Placing Children for Adoption Together

Find valuable information about placing children for adoption together

Many of the expectant mothers we work with are facing unimaginable circumstances. If you are having trouble caring for the child you already have, adding an unborn baby to the mix may increase your stress. At this time, you may begin exploring placing children for adoption together.

Most private Texas adoption agencies specialize in newborn and infant adoption, with state agencies focusing on toddlers and older children. However, Legacy believes in supporting our expectant mothers’ most crucial needs. If you are considering adoption for both your baby and their sibling (or siblings), we can help.

Reasons a mother may explore placing children for adoption together

Serious financial strain, health concerns, addiction or an unstable home life may factor into your decision process.

Perhaps Child Protective Services has been involved, and you are worried about your child and baby going into the foster care system. Getting an independent agency involved may give you more control in intentionally placing children for adoption together. This may be especially true if you would like your children to be placed with a relative or a home of your choosing.

You may simply want a better life for your children than you can provide. Many women realize this when their baby is in utero, but others may not until their child is a bit older.

Important things to consider when placing an older child for adoption

The benefits of choosing adoption for your older child are the same as those for your baby. You can still choose the family who will raise your children and the type of relationship you will have with them. Texas adoption services are still free, giving you access to counseling, medical and legal support.

However, it is important to note the complications in placing children for adoption together, especially for the older child.

  • Adoptive parents of older children will need additional counseling, training and education. Many of Legacy’s waiting families would still welcome this endeavor, but others have prepared themselves for newborn adoption.
  • The health, family history and custody arrangements of the older child need to be considered at a greater level than infant adoption.
  • The emotions involved in the separation and adoption process for an older child are especially difficult. This is a step that should only be taken after a great deal of time, consideration and outside counsel.

If you have questions about placing children for adoption together, please call us at (817) 899-5000. A Legacy counselor can talk with you about your options and connect you with the support you need.