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Making Adoption Affordable

We offer strategies for making adoption affordable

Making adoption affordable for families is an important mission for our Texas adoption agency. We encourage hopeful parents to explore their adoption financial options and to not allow cost to be a barrier to a call to build their family.

Thankfully, there are more avenues to gain adoption funding than ever before.

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Adoption Legacy Adoptions Services

How Has Adoption Changed Over the Years?

How has adoption changed over the years?

What do Moses, Aristotle, Babe Ruth, Nelson Mandela and Steve Jobs all have in common? Each of these pioneering men was adopted. We wonder how each might answer the question, “How has adoption changed over the years?”

Adoption has evolved in many ways since it first emerged as a form of family building.

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Adoption Legacy Adoptions Services

What You Need to Know About Adoption and COVID-19

The Legacy team is answering your questions about adoption and COVID-19

Whether you gave birth to your child, or you welcomed them into your life through adoption, parenthood comes with its fair share of uncertainty. However, the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic has added another layer of questions and fears. Legacy Adoption Services knows this is especially true for adoptive parents.

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Adoption Legacy Adoptions Services

What Does an Adoption Delivery Look Like?

Advice for those first fragile hours after an adoption delivery

An adoption delivery is unique. Questions need to be answered, such as, “Who will feed the baby first? Do the adoptive parents stay in a hospital room or at a hotel? Should the baby go to the nursery or stay with the birth mom?” These are scenarios most of us have never imagined working through before.

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