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Sharing the Love in Adoption

Sharing the Love in Adoption

Sharing the Love in AdoptionAt our Texas adoption agency, our mission is connecting unexpectedly pregnant parents with parents who dream of raising and loving a child. Every adoption involves three parties: the adoptive parents, the expectant parents and the adopted child. This triad becomes part of the life journey that begins with modern adoption. Sharing the love in adoption helps everyone involved understand the importance of their part in this life journey.

Understanding the adoption triad

The adoption triad consists of the three parties that make adoption possible: the expectant parents, the adopted child and the adoptive family. Each plays an important role in creating a loving family.

  • The birth parents make the loving decision to place their child with a family who is ready to love him or her. It is a difficult decision, and everyone involved must understand and respect that process.
  • The adoptive child is beloved by both the expectant parents and the adoptive parents, who work together to ensure that the child lives his or her best life.
  • The adoptive parents have love to share with a child, and create a family together. They also love and respect the expectant parents who helped them find a child to raise and nurture.

How modern adoption helps families

Sharing the love in adoption means that every party in the adoption triad feels loved and appreciated. Modern adoption allows adoptive families and expectant parents to choose the relationship they will have going forward. The process allows expectant parents to decide how involved they want to be in the child’s life in the future, and to work with our Texas adoption agency and the adoptive family to find a way to make it all work.

Some families choose to share photos and stories about the child with the expectant parents, while others choose to allow visits. Negotiations make it work in a way that makes everyone feel cared for and comfortable with the decisions.

Sharing the love in adoption begins with our Texas adoption agency

The counselors and staff at our modern adoption agency help expectant parents make decisions about what works for them and the child. If they decide to place their baby for adoption, they receive compassionate guidance and other assistance they need. Expectant parents, adoptive parents and adoptive children feel supported and loved at our Texas adoption agency. Contact us for more information.

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