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Adoption Triad

The adoption triad concept highlights the unique beauty of adoption

Adoption is unlike any other family-building method for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that it involves three distinct groups of people. The birth parents who selflessly place their child for adoption, the adoptive parents who lovingly bring the child into their family and the precious child. For this reason, we use the term adoption triad to discuss the dynamic between the birth parents, the adoptive parents and the child. Regardless of whether you select an open or closed adoption, this interconnected relationship still exists.

Our Texas adoption agency wants to help more people understand the beauty of modern adoption. As a result, we’re discussing the beauty of this triangle of love.

What is an adoption triad?

Each adoption journey is unique, but they all share the triangle of love. For this reason, a triangle surrounded by a heart is the universal symbol for adoption. Each point of the triangle represents a person or group of people who play a role in this process.

Birth parents are the biological parents of the adoptee, and each child’s connection to them is unique. Regardless of the relationship, birth parents play an important role in the process, as the child’s adoption would not have been possible without their brave and selfless choice.

Our counselors work closely with pregnant parents and birth parents to listen to their concerns and present options. If the parents decide adoption is the best choice for them and their child, our team can support them through the next steps.

Adoptive parents also play a vital role in the adoption triad. They are the parents who have full parental and legal custody of the adoptee. These parents love and care for the child as if they had given birth to the child. They may also have a relationship with the birth parents in an open adoption, as they may send updates and photos and have in-person visits.

Our Texas adoption agency works with adoptive parents to help them match with birth parents who want to place their baby for adoption. We also support them through the steps needed to finalize the adoption.

The child is at the top of the triangle of love because they connect everyone and their needs come first. Regardless of how the adoption plan looks, the child will be forever connected to their birth and adoptive parents.

We also support the child by finding loving and supportive adoptive parents and encouraging the use of adoption-positive language.

We offer modern adoption solutions for birth and adoptive parents

As we support each person in the adoption triad, we offer modern adoption solutions in a supportive, nonjudgmental environment. We allow everyone to make the decisions that feel right for them and provide the support they need to do so.

We can help if you’d like to learn more about modern adoption. Contact our Texas adoption agency to schedule an appointment with our team.