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Reflections of Our Ideal Selves

Celebrating similarities and differences when adopting a baby

When most couples plan to start a family, they imagine what their children will look like and picture small-but-ideal versions of themselves or their partners. The DNA for lush hair, big eyes and cute dimples will win out over wide ears, a large nose or a recessive chin. Even if our children don’t look perfect, we recognize something of ourselves or our family in their appearance. However, adoptive parents have to decide whether they want a child that looks similar to them or an interracial child who everyone knows is adopted.

The melting pot

Whether you’re adopting a baby in Dallas, across the country or abroad, you are bound to be faced with options that reflect the population from that area. The melting pot that is America produces children who are white, yellow, brown, black and every shade in between. Many people find that darker and richer skin colors are more beautiful than their own.

When you apply to adopt a baby in Dallas, or Texas in general, you’ll be asked if you would welcome a baby of the following races or ethnicities:

  • Caucasian
  • Hispanic
  • African-American
  • Asian
  • Caucasian/Hispanic
  • Caucasian/Asian
  • Caucasian/African-American/biracial (Biracial includes half African-American and any other race. The child may look more Hispanic or African-American than Caucasian.)

Nature or nurture: Creating a new family legacy

The things you pass on to your children include much more than skin color and genetic blueprints. This baby will be raised with your values, secure in knowing that he or she is safe and loved. Parents who stress education, exercise fairness, embrace a sense of humor and nurture the unique talents of each child will see themselves reflected in a well-adjusted child.

Life is full of surprises

Of course, there are no guarantees with any child ̶ whether they carry your DNA or are adopted. Every parent will tell you that there are good days and bad. Some days you’ll be proud that your child emulates you and days when you wonder what planet the child is from!

As the adoptive parent of an interracial child, you will inevitably get questions about your child’s race, birth parents, background and even the cost of adoption. It’s true. But if you’re ready to deflect rude questions, prepare a pat answer and embrace the differences in your child, you will see your child reflect your best qualities.

Legacy Adoption Services works with all races of birth parents. Whether you want a child that looks like you or want to start an interracial family, contact us to learn more about adopting a baby in Dallas, Fort Worth and throughout Texas.

To learn more about the services we provide, please contact a Legacy Adoption Services Counselor at (817) 704-0239.

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