Legacy Adoption Services

Choosing an Adoption Agency

There are many things to consider before choosing an adoption agency.

Sit down with your spouse and really think about what kind of relationship you hope to have with your agency. There are many different types of agencies, all varying in the degree of relationship they form with their clients. It is highly recommended that you make a list of your priorities for an agency. Here are some tips to consider while making your list:

Research, research, research.

  • It is so important to look at as many agencies as possible, so as to compare the way they run their agency.
  • You also want to be sure you fully understand everything the agency discusses on their website, so you don’t run into surprises later.

Look for a professional staff.

  • You will want to be sure you are in excellent hands. Look for details about educational backgrounds and licensed employees.

Try to find information regarding the track record of the agency.

  • Read reviews and testimonies from past clients, but keep in mind that these will only be opinions.
  • There might be a few negative reviews about every agency; if you don’t see a trend, try to stay away from making a judgement about the agency based on one client’s perspective.

Take note of how quickly the agency responds to your attempts to contact them.

  • If an agency does not contact you within a few hours after an email has been sent or a message has been left (or if they simply never respond), it could be a sign that you might not be a high priority throughout the adoption process.

Look for an agency that provides counseling for all involved parties.

  • Adoption is a complicated process. It is important for you to receive guidance throughout your journey with an agency.

Ask for a cost breakdown.

  • Adoption will be costly no matter what agency you choose, but an agency who will show you the breakdown of their costs is most likely not going to try to surprise you with hidden fees.

Choosing an agency is a time-consuming process, but knowing what you are looking for before beginning the process can make all the difference! Legacy would love to help make this as stress free as possible for you!