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The Home Study Visit and Interview

Discover what you can expect during the home study visit and interview

For many prospective parents, the home study visit and interview seem like the main event of the adoption home study process. Having someone in your home may make you feel nervous. However, remember that your social worker is there to ensure that the baby you hope to adopt will have a safe, healthy and loving home. If you have done your homework by preparing for your home study, you have nothing to worry about during the adoption in-home visit from our Texas adoption agency.

Your home tells a story that your social worker wants to hear

From the time the social worker knocks on your door until you say goodbye, he or she is carefully observing many aspects of your home. Here are some of the things our Texas adoption agency is interested in.

  • Do you have a working smoke detector and a fire extinguisher?
  • Have you baby proofed your home, or do you have plans in place to do so?
  • Are your stairways safe with sturdy rails and child gates?
  • If you own firearms, are they securely locked away or equipped with trigger locks?
  • Are your pets friendly? Are they anxious or overly aggressive?
  • Does your home look clean and well-cared for?
  • Is there safe space available for the baby’s bedroom?
  • Do your doors and windows have proper locks for safety?

During the home study visit and interview, your social worker isn’t looking for a home magazine showplace. The visit’s purpose is to learn more about you and your home.

During an adoption in-home visit, we want you to talk about yourself

The home study visit and interview are exceptions to the rule to not talk about yourself too much. Before your interview, physically and mentally build your autobiography so that you are ready to share information. Here are some of the things your social worker will want to discuss.

  • Your childhood, including how you were parented and where you grew up
  • Your education, including where you went to school and your experiences there
  • Your work experience and current job
  • Your financial information
  • Your hobbies and interests
  • Your relationships with your significant other, family and friends
  • Your parenting style and hopes for your baby
  • Your community, including its safety, schools, parks and hospitals
  • Your health history, including chronic illnesses and mental health
  • Adoption training you have participated in
  • Plans for the baby in case of divorce or death of a spouse

Your social worker also needs to speak with every member of the household at this interview. As a result, schedule your adoption in-home visit at a time when everyone can be at home.

The home study visit and interview are the perfect time to ask questions

Your social worker is there to learn about you and to educate you about all aspects of adoption, so don’t hesitate to ask questions during your adoption in-home visit. To learn more about our Texas adoption agency and adoption home study, contact us.