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Adoption Home Study

Adoption home study provides peace of mind for birth moms

Love is your first consideration. And because you do care, you have searched your heart carefully to consider the most loving choice for your child. It’s only right that couples who want to adopt a child engage in soul searching and preparation before taking the step as potential parents.

Even with soul searching and preparation, there still may be questions. You are making an important life choice: to place your most precious gift in the hands of a family of your choosing. At Legacy, we want you to feel sure that the family you choose can provide a home that is safe, loving, and secure. Everyone who is presented for your consideration has been approved in every area that make up the home study process.

It begins with an application

A licensed Texas adoption agency, like Legacy Adoption Services, does require all couples or families to go through the home study process. The application is the first step, and it is a very in-depth questionnaire that reveals the life, income, motives, and desires of the couple hoping to expand their family.

Through this first step, the family must provide proof of income, insurance, and health reports. We request families to provide pertinent information, but we take it one step further. We ask that their community or network of friends send us directly references about the family. This way we understand their relationships outside of the home, their experiences with other children, and why they should become adoptive parents.

Background checks and fingerprints

Not only do potential adoptive families go through extensive questions and legal paperwork, they are required to have background checks and fingerprinting. We make sure that a family can use discipline without abuse.

In-home interviews

Once applications have been reviewed and background checks cleared, our skilled social workers will interview and observe prospective families in their homes. They make every effort to get to know a family by asking questions that involve home life, parenting skills, and community resources.

We ask them about their values and beliefs. Potential adoptive families get the opportunity to share those experiences that made them who they are today and what is important to them as they raise a child.

At this point we can make an assessment about the family—why they want to adopt and if they are prepared mentally and physically to bring home a child. After interviewing everyone in the home, a walk-through is done to inspect the safety features to evaluate if it will be a safe environment for your child.

Let us answer your questions

If you would like more information about the home study process or the steps we take to ensure the safety of adoptive families, please contact us online or call 817-405-3270.