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Myths About Placing a Baby for Adoption

Myths about placing a baby for adoption

Myths about placing a baby for adoptionWhen you have an unplanned pregnancy, you probably feel overwhelmed and stressed. You may wonder where to turn or what to do. At our Texas adoption agency, we can help you talk about your options in a pressure-free, caring environment. Our team understands that you may have heard some myths about placing a baby for adoption. We would like to share the truth.

Our Texas adoption agency disproves this myth about unplanned pregnancy

One of the most harmful, yet common, myths about placing a baby for adoption is that mothers who place their babies for adoption don’t love them. In our years of experience, this is completely untrue.

Our team helps expectant mothers come up with the loving and caring plan that will provide their baby with a wonderful future. Placing your baby for adoption is one of the most loving and unselfish decisions you can make if you are not prepared to raise a child. Adoption means you are thinking about your baby’s future and planning for him or her to have a life filled with love.

Another falsehood is that you will never know anything about your child’s life

There was a time when adoption was secretive and closed, but modern adoption has changed things for the better for everyone involved. At our Texas adoption agency, we work with you and our adoptive families to create a plan to make everyone feel comfortable.

You not only choose the family that you want for your child, but you also choose how much contact you want to have with your child and the adoptive family. Contact ranges from photos and updates about the child to contact on social media, phone calls, and in some cases, in-person visits on special occasions.

Some people say adopted children may grow up feeling rejected or sad

In our adoptive families, adopted children grow up feeling loved and wanted. Our counselors talk about the adoption triad, the group that includes the birth parents, the adoptive parents and the child. This special group of people brings a child into a loving family and develops an interconnected relationship that helps a child understand how loved and wanted they are.

We also encourage adoptive parents to create a life book for their adopted child. This book tells the story of your child’s birth, adoption and more. It’s just another way to show adopted children what they mean to everyone in their lives.

Myths about placing a baby for adoption are hurtful and unhelpful

If you have an unexpected or unplanned pregnancy, look past the myths and learn the truth. Contact us to find out more about modern adoption.

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