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Celebrating National Birth Mother’s Day

Celebrating National Birth Mother’s Day

Celebrating National Birth Mother’s DayVirtually everyone knows about Mother’s Day, but many people have never heard of National Birth Mother’s Day. A group of Seattle moms, who had placed their children for adoption, started this recognition day in May 1990. It always falls on the day before Mother’s Day, which is the second Saturday of May.

These women wanted to create a day where women like them could be acknowledged and supported. At our Texas adoption agency, on this day and every day, we celebrate birth moms who make the loving decision to place their children for adoption.

Birth mothers can choose how they acknowledge National Birth Mother’s Day

Whether they recently gave birth or delivered babies many years ago, women keep children placed for adoption close to their hearts. Feelings of sadness are natural, as are feelings of happiness about children being placed with loving families.

Our Texas adoption agency encourages birth mothers to start new traditions on National Birth Mother’s Day.

  • Birth mothers can reach out to friends or family. Sharing adoption stories or getting emotional support is important. The counselors at our modern adoption agency are here to help, too.
  • If the adoption is an open adoption, birth mothers can send a message or make a call to their children. They can also schedule an in-person or online visit.
  • Birth mothers can start a tradition to honor the children they placed for adoption. Ideas include planting a new flower every year or adding a charm to a bracelet.

This day is the perfect time to recognize adoptive children’s birth moms

Adoptive parents may want to celebrate National Birth Mother’s Day, too. It’s an opportunity to remember and recognize the birth moms who help adoptive parents build their loving families. Parents who have included contact with the birth mother in their open adoption can reach out to her for a visit or phone call, or send photos. No matter what the arrangements, every adoptive parent can take time to feel gratitude for the birth mother in their life.

At our Texas adoption agency, we cherish and appreciate birth mothers and adoptive parents. They work together to build the most beautiful families we can imagine. Contact us for more information.

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