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Celebrating adoption by using positive adoption language

Celebrating adoption by using positive adoption languageIn the 1600s, pastor George Herbert said, “Good words are worth much and cost little.” His sentiment is still true today. When people use positive adoption language, they encourage others, fight stigma and educate all who hear their words. Our Texas adoption agency believes in celebrating adoption with good words that respect everyone involved in the adoption process.

Encouraging words strengthen and support birth parents

It is very difficult for birth parents who are facing an unexpected pregnancy. They must make life-changing decisions that stir up many emotions. Family and friends can help biological parents by using words that are helpful, not harmful.

For example, people should never ask biological parents why they are giving up a child for adoption. Instead, folks should praise them for making a selfless decision that puts the child’s needs first. Using the words “choosing adoption” makes birth parents feel empowered and in control of the situation. Praise and encouragement go a long way.

Celebrating adoption with loving words

Positive adoption language is important when an infant or child joins the family. No parent wants to be asked if that is their “real” or “natural” child. Once the adoption takes place, adoptive parents are simply mom and dad. There is no need to qualify the term with the word “adoptive.”

It is also insensitive for people to ask parents if adoption was their “second” choice or question why they adopted. Their reasons are their own. The parents have created a loving family, and the way they did it isn’t important. At our Texas adoption agency, celebrating adoption begins and ends with love and respect.

Positive adoption language boosts children’s confidence and self-esteem

Children who are adopted benefit when their family, friends and even strangers treat them with respect. They should never hear the words “unwanted pregnancy” concerning the circumstances of their birth. It’s better for them to learn that their birth parents experienced an unexpected pregnancy and made the loving decision to choose adoption to give them a better life.

There is no need to explain children’s adoption to strangers either. If someone starts to use negative words or ask intrusive questions, parents can choose to educate the person, using positive adoption language or simply say, “This is our child whom we love very much. That’s all you need to know.”

Respect, encouragement, support and love are the building blocks we use at our Texas adoption agency to build loving families. Contact us for more information.

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